Lutron integration - Pico Pushed/Held vs Pico Pushed/Released option at setup

I'm adding a Lutron hub that has 8 pico remotes on it.

The device setup flow wants me to choose between Pico Pushed/Held and Pico Pushed/Released.

Can't find any info in the HE docs or forum...what is the effect of choosing one option or the other? Does choosing Pushed/Held mean that I won't be able to use and Pushed/Released configurations w/the Pico?

Push/held gives you the option to have the enhanced functions you are looking for. It will give you a different driver (that you cannot change) than the next option, so be sure to select it now if you want the enhanced functions.

Push/release is the basic "Fast Pico" that react quicker, but you lose the extra hold functionality. You can use this if you want a much faster reaction time, and you aren't using the hold feature. I use this at times for lights where I don't need the extra functions, speed is more important.

Main difference is number of buttons. Fast Pico (push/release) will be the number of buttons you see in Pico. Push/held doubles that but does operate a little slower to detect hold.

FWIW you can change it but you also have to change the device network ID too. Done this many many times.

Yea, I'm just trying not to add extra complication at this time. :slightly_smiling_face:


To directly answer this, you would not get "released" events with the pushed/held driver. The above is all correct. To be specific about how they work, the "regular" (pushed/held) generates an event in Hubitat when the button is (to use real world actions) released. This will be either a push or hold (on Hubitat), depending on his long you held it down. The device sends something to Hubitat on press and release, so unlike most devices, Hubitat just calculates the difference. The "fast" driver sends events for both actions: a push as you press it down, and a release when you let go. The tradeoff is what events you get when and what total event types are available/make sense to send.

Thanks, all for the detaills and suggestions, very helpful. I'm returning the Picos and will go back to using candles... :wink:

Going to start with Push/Held and if I want to I'll make the necessary changes later to switch.

Looking forward to using them - they are way cooler in person than on screen, didn't realize they were so sleek and light.

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I'm baaaack...

OK, something obvious has gone wrong, but I'm mystified. I added all the Picos as Pushed/Held, no problem. Created automations in Simple Automations Rules app for the Pico I'm going to be using to control several lights in the family room. No problem.

Except none of the automations response at all.

A few screen shots below to prove I'm not crazy about it being set up...(or at least not in this instance). I re-confirmed the ID numbers - easy since they are just an increment of 1 for each device I added (e.g., Pico that is device #1 is Lutron ID 2, etc.)

See telnet errors below, they have not recurred (at least no additional log telnet error log entries).

When I press buttons on the Pico w/live log nothing appears in the live log. That seems strange.

EDIT: Same issue w/Button Controller app - no response to any button, and I programmed a button on another Pico, and it doesn't either, so not a HW issue.


2020-08-12 19_44_44-Apps

Around 7:30 there were a bunch of telnet errors, but nothing since then.

2020-08-12 19_46_51-Past Logs

The communication between Hubitat and the Smart Bridge Pro happens over telnet, so if that connection fails (which it looks like it did), all hope is lost for Pico events (or anything) coming into Hubitat from Lutron. Two guesses:

  1. Is your IP address correct for the Bridge in Hubitat's Lutron Integrator app? On a related note, if you haven't done so already, I'd recommend a static/DHCP reservation for the Bridge so it doesn't change.

  2. Did you enable telnet? It's mentioned in the Lutron docs, but it's just one step, so it's easy to miss (Settings > Advanced > Integration > Telnet Support in the Lutron mobile app).

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Put the Lutron hub on a static IP as soon as I connected it. I'll re-check but I'm sure I have it correct.

Yes, enabled Telnet in the Lutron app, that info in the guide was VERY emphatic. I'll check that again.

Since the Telnet error was back at 7:30, does that mean the Lutron tries and then gives up forever?

@danabw Also, did you by any chance change the password on the Lutron Hub for the Telnet interface? Hubitat assumes the password has NOT been changed from the default.

Try watching the hub’s device details page for one of the Pico remotes while pressing the buttons on the Pico remote. Always best to verify the data is making it to the device before worrying too much about the automations.

I wasn't aware I could change the telnet PW, so no, haven't done that. :slight_smile: The only PW I've set related to the Lutron is the Lutron account PW.

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You did pair the Pico remote with the Lutron SmartBridge Pro, correct? I know that seems like an obvious question, but I just had to ask to be sure...


Uh-oh, this does not look right - shouldn't it know about the HE integration?

Nope, it does not know about Hubitat on that screen.

Mine shows only Sonos.

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Yes, all the picos were paired w/the Lutron hub, first thing I did.

Otherwise my integration report would have been empty.

They all appear in the Lutron app.

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You should have a device named something like Lutron Telnet. Open it up, and enable the Debug and Descriptive logging and click Save. You should then see more data in the live logs when you press the Pico buttons.

Also, did you try watching the device details page for one of the Picos while pressing its buttons?

Thanks - the logging is already enabled on the Lutron Telnet device page. :frowning: The Lutron Telnet Events list is empty.

I'll go to the Pico's device details page and see what I see...

I have a fresh failure of telnet, below.

DOH! Just realized something. I suspect it's that the Lutron is connected to my IoT VLAN, and telnet is blocked on that VLAN. I'll have to look into enabling it...right now the IoT VLAN devices only are allow access to the Internet, and can respond to connections made from the primary VLAN. I'll go figure that out... that seems like it's the issue.

Sorry - should have thought of that, but this is the first IoT device I've added that needs "special" access.

Actually, wait. The Hubitat hub is on the VLAN network as well, and the Lutron hub is talking to the Hubitat hub, right? So the telnet is within the IoT VLAN, which I think should be fine, I don't have any IoT device to IoT device restrictions on telnet that I'm aware of...