Lutron Aurora Rules

I have paired the Lutron Aurora to the hub, and in the device details, button pushes are registering and it shows the level changing. I am not sure how to relate the level change to lamps. Is there a way to have lamps "mimic" the level from this device? Something like if the device is rotated and the level goes from 25 to 70, the lamps would do the same thing? Is this a rule machine rule that needs to be made?

Does button controller support that?

I wonder if these could be used to adjust volume also.

If the level of the controller can be mirrored to the device to control, then I would think that volume would be a real option. It would be nice to use one for a Sonos or similar.

Try using the Mirror App, released in 2.1.3.

New App

  • Mirror and Mirror Me child
    • A simple app which sends all available switch, level and color commands from one master device to any number of slave devices.
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OH, ?I see! I was wondering about that, but I was thinking it was for a parent / child app situation. Thanks for the heads up!

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I set it up, and.. well, it works, but not very smooth, and the button press to toggle on/off seems to require two taps. Seems like it is missing the first tap, or maybe too much traffic due to all the commands being sent. It might be a work in progress also, but seems pretty straight forward. To be fair, I am testing it controlling 4 OSRAM downlights, so that could be part of the issues.

Do you have these 4 Osram lights in a single 'Hubitat Group' with the Zigbee Group Messaging feature enabled? This might dramatically help, versus trying to control all 4 bulbs independently. You would then just mirror to the one Group Device.

Yes, and they are on a hub dedicated to OSRAM lamps. Could the HubConnect use of hub to hub impact the performance? I will try adding it to the lamp hub to see what happens there...

Oh, definitely... Have everything paired to the same hub, for sure. The extra hop over the LAN is going to add latency.

It's even worse on the hub dedicated to the lamps. Although, it could be missing half of the zigbee commands, given the excellent repeating ability of these lamps.

The two taps thing is confounding me to. It seems that it defaults to 'off' so in my situation the lights are turned on by motion. I'm using the Mirror Me app to sync it to the state of a bulb. But for some reason when the lights come on the Aurora stays off. So the first push turns the switch 'on' it takes a second push to turn it 'off'.

When I enter the Aurora device page and hit 'off' or 'on' nothing happens. It registers the button push but not the switch state. Physical presses register in the device tab, but device tab button presses do not update on the page.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I have the same problem. I have a rule that I want to turn off the Lutron Aurora if all the lights in a room are off. Below is a simplification of that rule. This rule does not turn off the Aurora.

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I ended up swapping out the stock device driver for this one: Lutron and Hue = Aurora.
You lose the button capability but both off and on work, which is what I needed. I also commented out line 76 //sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "on") because in my use case I didn't want the switch to turn on when I adjusted the dimmer. I want it to toggle on and off only when I press the button. The dimmer still works as expected. I'm not sure what functionality is missing. @bertabcd1234 said it was a WIP so I don't know if there is any updated code anywhere. In any case it is working for my use case. I couldn't get the stock device driver to do what I needed.

I gave up on that driver when Hubitat implemented theirs. I haven't used it to see how theirs works, and I've moved mine to Hue where it works quite well. :slight_smile: (At that time, I was experimenting with using a second Hubitat to replace a Hue Bridge.)

I couldn't get it to show up in HE when I had it paired to the Hue bridge. It wouldn't show up under discovered devices. How did you get HE to see it?

I didn't. :slight_smile: ("Sensor" type devices like this aren't supported.) It directly manipulates the Hue bulbs, and the bulbs are integrated into Hubitat.

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I'm using this one now too. It seems to be working well.

Another thing I just changed that made a big difference is my lighting rules. I had some lights automated, then added the Aurora with the Mirror Me app. When the lights were turning on from my rules the Aurora wasn't changing states. What I realized I needed to do was change my lighting rules to target the Aurora not the bulbs, then let Mirror Me change the bulbs. Adding the dimmer to augment a working setup gave me a blind spot... Mirror Me only works one way.

I tried using Mirror Me but I ended up writing a rule in RM instead. I think it turned the switch on when you turned the dimmer, I can't remember exactly. I wanted to use the Aurora as an override for Motion Lighting. I ended up commenting out the line in the driver that turned on the switch when the dial was turned and made the lower limit on the dimmer 1 so that you have to push the button to turn the lights off. I also wrote a rule in RM to have the lights track the Aurora.

The way it works now is that I use Motion Lighting in the room but if I don't want the lights to turn off I push the button and the lights stay on with dimmer capability until I push the button again. I can also adjust the dimmer while in Motion Lighting mode and still have the lights go off with the timer.

This could all be done with the stock driver if there was an option to disable turning on the switch if you rotate the dimmer.

@jdjmailbox, I have written a driver that seems to solve the issue you've reported, it is available here:

Thanks! I will find some time to give it a try!