Lowes Iris Zigbee Devices Available

Looks like they have sold out of the contact sensors.


What’s the trick to knowing if the plugs will have issues with Zwave repeating? I’ve read some other posts that indicate they occasionally have issues, but I’m not sure if there is a way to identify that issue.

Edit: well I think I answered this for myself.. In some cases, unplugging the plug and the plugging it back in resulted in the device no longer responding. A zwave exclusion resulted in it saying it found an unknown device and not my paired device.

Edit 2: well now I’m not sure, I went through all of them again and none of them observed that same behavior a second time (and of course I didn’t label the offending outlet). So either they aren’t consistent in how or when they decide to act up or that first instance was something special.

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The ebay seller still has them - 10 for 49.90. They don't come with the magnets, so I bought really cheap contact sensors also on ebay just for the magnet part.


Well the tedious job of checking my second batch of sensors is complete. I was lucky and all 20 worked perfectly. So I’m 40/40! Hopefully all my motion and contact sensor needs are covered for the foreseeable future...


Its the firmware version on the Iris Plug that determines if it will work correctly on the Zwave side.
The discussion was here: Issues with Iris Smart Plugs as Z-Wave Repeaters

Unfortunately after Iris shutdown I'm not aware of any way to update the firmware.

The Iris Outlets being sold by the vendor in the first post are the 3210-L2 models, which were the latest Cetralite revision before IRIS shut down. I do not believe these ever received a firmware update, but I am also not aware of anyone reporting problems with the Z-Wave repeater portion of the 3210-L2 models. All of the reports I saw were with respect to the original 3210-L firmware.

So, there is a decent chance that the 3210-L2 model outlets will work well as Z-Wave Plus repeaters, as they were the newer revision. @srwhite may have better information on these, as I know he uses quite a few Iris 3210-L/(L2 ?) outlets.

I have 3 of them, they all work as designed as z-wave repeaters... they must be paired however very close to the hub, in my case ~8', any further and no luck

Don't give up :slight_smile:

At least in my case, I had previously picked up 5 outlets off everyone’s favorite eBay seller. Is there a way to physically identify the L vs L2 models?

Look at the sticker on the back.


I have 4, and just double checked them. 3 were the 3210-L and one was the 3210-L2. The 3210-L2 is the only one I was able to keep the Z-wave said pared. I hadn't caught that distinction before.

Makes the 10 count more tempting, but not sure I actually need 10 more. I did order a lot of the Motion sensors and was debating about another order. Hmm...


Also, if you want to know the firmware version on any of these devices, the easiest way I know to do this is to temporarily pair them with SmartThings. Afterwards, in the ST Web IDE, click on that device and there is a spot with the firmware version listed. Motion and Contact sensors will have their firmware upgraded by ST. The outlets will not.

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What kind of benefits do you get by updating the firmware on these devices? Would it be worth finding a used one on eBay? Does it matter which gen to buy? Lastly, is it worth it?

I assume you're referring to a used ST hub? I would get a v2 or v3 hub if you are going to buy one.

Whether or not it is worth it is another question entirely. There is a pretty lengthy SmartThings community thread on these devices and their firmware. Perhaps some information is available there?

IMHO, if they are working, and battery life is good...I would not worry about them. Also, as I stated earlier in this thread, all of the sensors that I have bought from this vendor are already up to date. So, if you bought from this vendor, I would not worry too much about it.

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3 "Lots of 10" Contact Sensors are back in stock... Get'm while you can!

Do either or both of the Motion Sensor and Contact Sensor report temperatures?

They both report temperatures.

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Thanks for the tip! I was able to call and add them to an un-shipped motion sensor order I placed last Friday (when they'd dropped out of stock). Woo!

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@ogiewon, I got my replacement motion sensors today. Gonna pair them to my ST hub and test. :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully you got yours as well.

Nothing yet... :frowning: