Lowes IRIS Transition


One 'concept' that was spoken here helped a lot of people, I believe.

Mode Manager, Simple Lighting, Rule Machine are Legos.. you build something from several. One Lego is rarely enough.


That depends on how you have it set up now. Are you using times? Modes? Times and modes both? I use Mode only, no time...and mine is as simple as this:

If you have a time component, then it depends...


When I set it up, I was (even more) confused by modes so I used time/day. This is what I have...


I'm pursuing both tracks now: Away with modes and Away with Rules. While waiting for advice on how to interface a date and time thermo schedule with Away mode, I tried csteele's example of a RULE based thermo change. It made all kinds of sense, until I was finished and went to look at the "summary". If I want 2 conditions to be met; that any fob is present AND time is between 6:15 am and 6:00 pm... why has it interpreted that as "fobs present = true and time span = false?" Why has it changed my desired time slot which I want to be true, to false? How do I specify that I want that to be true also?


because it's 10PM in PST ?

The items in brackets are the the state of that condition...

[TRUE] means that ONE of the presence sensors is present.
[FALSE] means it is NOT between 6am and 6pm NOW, right now

It does not live update. Every time you edit/inspect this rule, it displays the value as of that instant.


So... this is not just a definition building space. this has current status information mixed in? So, if i look at this page tomorrow between those times it will say True? I never would have guessed that. Maybe you guys could add the words "Current status is" before the true or false to make that understandable.


Yes.. but for today, know that [ means "Current status is" :smiley:

If you look at the Apps page, and then in the Rule Machine area, you'll see your list of Rules with [false] there too. Again, not live update.

Open Live logs by: right click on Logs in the left menu, select open in new tab. It will be empty.

Create a completely new Rule that is identical except for the Time.. make that 10pm and 11pm

You'll see it's [TRUE] + [TRUE] and Live logs will be displaying logs.


By contrast, the device info page has Current States on the upper right. It's a list of the states/attributes. That list IS live update,

An RGBW bulb might have this:

Current States

colorMode : RGB
colorName : Medium Violet Red
colorTemperature : 2600
hue : 90
level : 80
saturation : 100
switch : off

While a simple door sensor would have:

Current States

battery : 100
contact : closed

as you poked the buttons on that page, the values would update in real time.


Your next step in exploring Rule Machine might be to add Selections for False to be the values you want when everyone is away OR the time is after 6pm but before 6:15am.


Fantastic. The new rule is true, and it claims that the heat set point has been raised to 70. Unfortunately, the thermostat has other ideas. It still says "target temp 64". Do you think I should poke any of the buttons on the thermo device page?

Or maybe its now conflicting with the Thermo Schedule app which had lower temps for 10:30


Yea, sure.. poke. :slight_smile:
It would be valuable to verify that the Thermostat is in fact talking successfully to Hubitat.


Hubitat is entirely driven by Events. it is not a state machine. No Event occured inside Thermo Schedule, so it will not "fight".


This is a great discussion, I'm learning a lot to add to my toolkit for later!


Thank god someone is having fun! LOL.


I wouldn't say fun, I was reading while waiting for support to possibly get back to me about an Alexa skill linking issue that may have been my own fault. :persevere:

These two won't lead you wrong, very smart and helpful. :wink:


Dusty will be here in 2 weeks answering questions from others I bet. :smiley:


I would love reach the point of answering questions! meantime, can I show you another screen dump? I tried the Config button, i tried Off. I tried turning it back on by hitting "Auto" button. Still nothing. Here is the current status from device page. It does not agree with the rule that is currently true! Also, do you have any idea what the last entry is? I have not set the temp "71" anywhere at all...


Walk over to the Thermostat and change the desired temp to be something 'new'.. I expect you'll see it says 71 so set it to 72 or to 69. Then look on this screen and verify it updated. Or turn the Fan to be Off.

what kind of thermostat is this?? Model?

I have a Honeywell WiFi thermo and I have a LAN type driver for it... mine shows:

Current States

DriverAuthor : cSteele
DriverStatus : Current
DriverUpdate : N/A
DriverVersion : 1.2.2
coolingSetpoint : 75
followSchedule : FollowingSchedule
heatingSetpoint : 67
lastUpdate : 02/20/2019 10:35 PM
temperature : 67
thermostatFanMode : auto
thermostatMode : heat
thermostatOperatingState : Idle


I walked. It says:
current temp 63. brrrr.
Target temp 64. brrrrr.
It has a plus and a minus button, which I changed up a notch to 64.

No mention of 71.

The current rule says the target temp should be 70. At least for another few minutes :wink:


This is the RT 101