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Our experiences sound much the same, I'm in SC. I even have a Rasberri Pi in my desk drawer. My wife has no interest in Echo or Home, so that shortens the list, and she currently uses a Iris fob to arm/disarm of the alarm with a panic button to notify my phone (and I use the presence function for the fob for overwatch notices), and keypads to activate "Home" mode of the alarm (she has hearing loss) when she is home by herself for door chimes and notifications to check our exterior cameras with her phone or tablet. I have a UPS on my network gear already, and local processing was already a plus for Hubitat.
Your info is another nod for Hubitat, and helps with challenging decision.

I have two of the 4 button iris fobs that I use for guests. I added a handful of Iris plugs to act as repeaters around the border of my house, and they have been working great as presence sensors on Hubitat.

I wasn’t aware that the 4 button iris fobs could be used as presence sensors

I'm a heavy user of the v1 Iris key fob, for both presence-sensing and occasional use of the buttons to disarm when the presence has not caught up to me yet. But these great fobs will not be compatible with Hubitat when I complete the switch-over. So, I too have been looking for a replacement. The best I've found so far is the v2 IRIS fob with the four buttons, but like people said, they are poorly made: the side battery contact in each one is VERY delicate and the tack weld breaks off the circuit board if you are not scrupulously gentle when inserting the battery. I've bought a few recently that arrived DOA for this reason. But I've ordered more and hope I will find some good ones, because there is a huge hole in the market if you ask me. No one is making a decent presence sensor with a button or two. That seems crazy to me!

If I cannot find enough functional 4-button Iris fobs, I will try the ST presence fob (which may work better with hubitat than with ST? Hubitat finds my IRIS v2 fobs quicker than IRIS found my v1 fobs...) and back that up with a keypad to disarm the alarm on occaisions when presence fails to do so. Then I'll also have a simple ST button to run the "home" scene... turn on lights and adjust thermo in case I don't want to wait for presence to run it. In other words, I'll "explode" the functions into two devices. Presence usually does it, but sometimes you need the button which will now be separate and by the door.

Until some manufacturer gets the clue that fobs are easiest for many people, and makes one, this is the best I can come up with.

Other ideas appreciated.

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While my wife uses the buttons, I have some simple rules running from the presence sensor on the fob to send notices.

Yep, they check in with the hub every 20 seconds. The Hubitat driver allows you to set a presence timeout, so if check-ins are missed for X minutes, presence is set as Not Present. When it starts checking in again, it's marked as Present.

Default timeout is 2 minutes IIRC, I have mine set to 5 minutes.

I mean I can’t for the life of me figure why no one can make a sturdy AFFORDABLE key fob, I mean I have had them all at one time or another I had 2 v2 iris key fobs that we’re doa because like Dred said they arrived doa because of the battery contactc, I’ve tried the Fibaro fob but the design is crap you wind up breaking the back cover because it’s on so tight tried the Aotec key fob the 4 button one but 2 out of the four buttons dropped off after 2 mos of use. You. Can’t find the minimotes anymore because vendors are price gauging them $125 a pop is just ridiculous.

I mean geez Louis just make a sturdy key fob. When I had SmartThings we had the presence fobs but they kept going offline and the damn batteries would only last 2 to 3 weeks before we had to change them.

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What about nfc or rfid tags. When I had Vera we used the Zipato small keypad, the keypad was great but Vera was horrible. Any chance of some one getting the Zipato keypad to work with HE?

Looking to find out if the PetSafe dog door will operate with Hubitat? It used to open when the smoke alarms went off (potentially saving the live of our dogs if inside during a fire) with Iris V1 and provided a real life saving utility -- as opposed to silly color light control or novelty devices -- and when Lowes took away V1 that alarm rule never worked again but at least I could still open the dog door remotely and schedule when it would open and closed through Iris in V2. Now Iris is shutting down and I am desperate to get something that will allow us to control the dog door in at least the same way and we do this so that we can control the flow of movement of the dogs through the door. We used this more than anything else in the compound and it had significant value to owners with multiple dogs -- it has saved their lives. To have the ability to trigger it to open when the alarms go off would be even better but I will settle for the ability to simply schedule or open and close the door like a switch. Please - I just purchased Hubitat and keeping our fingers crossed that this will work. I cannot believe more people would not want to be able to control a dog door and about to just invent it myself, somehow.. lol

On the cheap key FOBs --I completely agree -- they ALWAYS fall apart -- and they are not cheap when you have a large family. I was replacing those monthly at times.

Is it z wave or zigbee controlled?

I have determined that the internal radio for this door is Zigbee, not Z-Wave. I am hoping that someday, Alexa will be able to work with this door as well. To be able to tell Alex, open/close the dog door -- that would be great but I am not having a lot of hope for this feature or even the door, any more.

I found this with a quick search of the SmartThings community and it saved to Hubitat without any changes. Try installing this as a driver
Petsafe Dog Door,
then pair the door and see if it works. I don't have one but this may get you started.

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Long time Iris user also. Just ordered my hubitat and hoping for g2 hub support. hate throwing away functioning components.

Welcome to Hubitat. I imagine you'll find it different, having so many choices. Or rather, forced to pick among many choices. :smiley:

Welcome to the Era of rapid technology change. :frowning: I bet we all have a bucket or two of obsolete, yet fully functional technology. Your Iris v2 devices will probably just work. It's the v1 devices that don't.

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I'm a former Iris user myself (about 3 years ago). All of the second generation Iris devices (and newer) will work just fine with Hubitat.

Welcome aboard!


I knew I'd have to tinker eventually but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. My new hub won't populate within the portal. I've emailed support and created a new topic here:

Any help is much appreciated but for now the score is

IRIS: 1 - HE: 0

FIXED! Not exactly sure what happened but I suspect that my router was at fault.

@CAG Most likely you powered it on before the ethernet cable was plugged in. I did the same thing with the one my dad a few days ago.

@damon.dinsmore That would make more sense than a router firmware update.

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