Lowes IRIS Transition


I may have to keep an eye open, though I only have one 2nd gen keyfob. I do have 2 first gen and one care pendant .


In a nutshell. I'll be watching and reading all I can here. Have been heavily using iris since it first came out. Now the big catch as mentioned is getting HE to do the same. Which may take a little doing, but it is doable. After all I survived when Lowe's crippled Iris system with the move to 2nd gen and this is survivable as well.
Thankfully I bought the orbit water time that's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which Alexa can control and integrate with AcuRite along with Broadlink. Yes, I'm using Alexa as a central controller and that's how I'll remotely access home devices. Phrases like "Alexa, feed the cats" to dispense dry catfood from anywhere. So for the most part a hub serves to control the devices, light, feeding stations, etc. I'm in an area without cell service and if the internet or power goes out, it's out for days. So having a local hub in control of local things like motion lights, security systems, anything local. The bigger hybrid system then becomes the greater combination of systems working as one.
The goal is by the time I'm older, yes I'm old now, that based on what day or event the "system" will control the wake up alarm, start my car, schedule appointments and order groceries. Automation to the point that I can do without having to.
So like I said, lots of reading and time.
Maybe some coding and a little praying.
So far, HE is by far the best option and most compatible platform there is.
Something to tinker with.


I think you have exactly the right attitude for using Hubitat! Have fun. You’re going to love it!


What are you using to dispense cat food!!???


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Actually using an iris switch. By hooking it to an electric drill with a garden auger normally for planting bulbs. I am able to dispense dry food remotely. Or schedule it. Putting it in pvc pipe and using a sealed hopper it can hold all sorts of quantity. Cat food, dog food, or any dry animal food. About like the automated deer feeders, but a lot less. Basically you could hook it to a grain silo and have a year supply of cow chow in it. Thing was I needed something I could dispense dry animal food with, but also could keep raccoons out of it. I've got a camera watching the dish so as needed I can put down more.
By doing that the basic part is hub controlled, moving it to HE, and rules and timers can be setup. Doing the multiple on off with alexa you need a conformation after each command, otherwise she only does one.
Now getting the mower automated would be something to think about.


Oh wow... now THAT is IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!


This is terrific. Is there a video of this "cat feeder" in action ?


I want to transition from iris also i have the motion keypad and contact sensors paired is there something that shows how to setup the keypad? I am lost on how to make it work.


OK, now you need a presence sensor on the cat collar that only dispense the food when the cat arrives for lunch. That way, the Raccoons get none ;).


Sorry, no video, pictures though when I built it. Problem with video. I can use my phone for video and use the phone to control the app at the same time. Have to look for the pictures.


Iris or Lowe's has (had) the pet sensors do the pet door would lock and unlock. Though these are all outside stray barn cats. Now some type of image recognition in the future. Similar to what is used with a sentry gun.


Found a rather interesting link, mostly 5 years ago. By following the trail where Iris or rather alertme.com was bought out. Then became hive. I found a site with all manner of Iris zigbee packet sniffing. Some of their links may be useful.
jeelabs.net was the site, but I can't get the link to paste. I opened one of the 1st gen smartplugs. Hence finding the AlertMe.com V2 on the circuit board.


I found a link where they cracked the iris code so to speak. Using an Arduro and an xbee.


What bulbs do you have? I have 3 types that we have flashed firmware on and have assisted in writing drivers for. I'm sure you can get them working in Hubitat.


@damon.dinsmore I have a bunch of GE C Life A19 that I bought during the holidays. Is GE something you've tested?


Hubitat just arrived today so we can start the transition from Iris


Welcome aboard! It's going to be a different experience for certain, but once you get accustomed to the new way of doing things I think you're going to like the platform.


Looking forward to it


@CAG unfortunately not. The biggest issue I see is the BLE local control. Next issue is do you have the hub? And if you do there is a chance someone could develop a Device Handle for them.