Lowes Iris Motion Sensor out of stock

I went to replace one of the Model # 3326-L Iris Security Motion Detector and found to my surprise there were none available. Although they took the dead one back and gave me a refund, I was told they are NOT on reorder.

I'm hoping this means there's a new version in the wings and will hit the shelves soon. Or that the Lowes employee is talking garbage, but he was highly knowledgeable with their computer system, leading me to believe him enough to start this thread.

There are 5 Lowes in my geographical area and only two of them have any stock. Three have zero of them.

I see Centralite has a 3-Series so maybe my first reaction was correct..

That would be 3326-L2, it’s been out for at least a few months I think.


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There's none of those available at the store I visited. And by that I mean this shape. There's a very old model that is square while both of the newer ones have the rounded portion. Online also shows out of stock for that number too.

Checking the other stores, I think you are correct @marktheknife All of them but MY store have them in stock.

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We've gotten decent reports on the new Samsung sensors. Not the same form factor of course.
I probably have some spares if you're set on the iris ones.

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Once an expense passes the Finance Committee a pure refund undoes the Approval.

To go get it at another store means getting approval from the Finance Committee again.

(Finance Committee = wife, in case it wasn't an obvious one. :slight_smile: )

On another thread I had three of the ball socket mounts fab'd for these specific Iris units. The -L2's seem to have the same case so they will work, assuming Approval, of course.

Speaking of shape, please note that the new model is in a small square box versus the purple rectangle box like the old ones. The stores around me have them sitting on shelves versus hanging. Just thought I would pass this along so you know what to look for.

The main reason I chose Iris Motion Sensors was for the speed. But that was back on SmartThings. I assume any old motion sensor should be pretty fast now on Hubitat.

Hubitat is definitely quicker, however some Z-Wave motion sensors are actually pretty slow to respond. They are fine for security alarming, but not so good for lighting automations. Zigbee sensors typically have quicker response time, IMHO.


Oof. I had an 80% failure rate in the course of 6-8 months with the previous iteration of the Samsung multi sensors. In fact Samsung is on my never buy again list, for more than just IoT.

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Most of the ST sensors I own are Centralite OEM, you can't kill these things.
The latest round are made by Samjin, not SmartThings, better or worse then Centralite?, dunno yet, we'll see...

Plenty of these at my Lowes.. They dont look to be a hot seller judging from all the dust on them ..

It's back available online too.

Where did we leave off with the old 3326-L? Is that still only working with official Iris hubs? I accidentally bought one last year, and it recently resurfaced on my desk, hoping that it could have a use...

The iris 3326-L sensor is a pretty generic zigbee HA 1.2 motion sensor. It works fine with ST and HE.

Are you thinking of the generation of iris motion sensor that came out even before the 3326-L? I dunno the model #, but all the iris sensors from that generation used a proprietary zigbee profile I believe, and only worked with the iris hub.

Yeah, it is the very old model, #MOT901. I probably won't count on that working here :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

It won’t work.

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