Lowe's Iris is Shutting Down


Same here. I prefer them over all others that I've tried. Although I do admit, I kinda like the new ST motion sensors. The only drawback is they're big, but more attractive than the newest Iris motion sensors.

My attic contact sensors also have held up well in my unheated attic. They're on their fourth NY winter, and I've only changed the batteries once.


Just got my notification from Iris that my early adoption was a mistake! Sorry for this dumb question, but can Hubitat be programmed to send me a text if an Iris contact sensor or Iris motion sensor (or any other brands, for that matter)? I just discovered the Hubitat device and can't seem to find any info on the web site.


Disregard my stupid question - I just found the how to video on the site. This system looks to be great!


Agreed, I have 11 of them :wink:


Yes it can..

Not a stupid question at all. There are a lot of people like you out there who just got upended by Lowe's. We're here to help you make the right move.


Just signed up to get my $100 Visa card as well, for my $27 Iris hub that I bought a few weeks ago just for firmware updates.

I am very intrigued about the potential for an Open Source option.


Both of my hubs were free, but I'm going to bite on the one that's still connected. $100 will pay for my third Hubitat Hub. lol


I am looking to make the move to the Hubitat device to replace my IRIS hub. Will it work>?


As long as you don't have the first generation Iris devices, yes.


I have a mix. Was shopping for IRIS replacement and this seems to be the most appealing.


Anyone know if you can still buy the sensors at Lowes or are they blocking the sale of those too?


Lowes will pay you for some of the v1 devices. Not sure if it'll cover full replacement costs but it's better than nothing.

If Lowe's open-sources the platform, that will hopefully include enough information to know how the v1 devices communicate. It might be possible someday to create a bridge to Hubitat to enable use of these devices. I wouldn't get rid of them just yet.


My local Lowe's has never had any Iris products. And the entire home automation shelf is the saddest looking thing ever. :cry:


I wonder if non-hub devices will still work ??? I have a few wifi plugs that don't need or use the hub.


Unfortunate, and quite odd that they mention Vera. The few Vera hubs that support ZigBee only work with a small set of about two dozen whitelisted ZigBee devices, and as far as I can tell, none of the Iris devices are even on it. (They weren't a year ago when I tried, and I still don't see them on the list now. The one exception might be the ZigBee outlet with a Z-Wave repeater, assuming the ZigBee side is the same CentraLite 3-series appliance module also once sold as an ST outlet.)

Also said--I was hoping to buy a 3rd-gen motion sensor since they do humidity. Looks like there are still a few on eBay, so maybe I can before my time runs out.

I think I'll be perfectly happy with my existing Iris sensors with or without firmware updates--I don't remember any notable bug fixes, and there have certainly been no new features. :slight_smile: (I guess there could be vulerability fixes.) But I'm not sure how ST gets these firmware updates--directly from CentraLite, Lowes/Iris, or some in-house work? The "v3" devices aren't CentraLite anymore, but in either case I'd agree that we probably shouldn't expect much more--not that it ever made much of a difference for most people, anyway (I probably have many that have only been paired to Hubitat and never updated).


It's weird how they're handling this. They've cleared the Iris shelves in my store overnight and none of it is in the clearance aisle. I had a stock clerk check inventory on his phone and it's showing 'non-stock item.'


Well, because now my less than a month old hub will be an open source brick, I opened it to enjoy the construction of the board.

Not the same chip :frowning:


As much as I would like to think, I doubt that they’ll open source the actual hub or its components. It’s very likely they are using the Ember Zigbee framework on the hub, and that is very much closed source.


I have 3 Iris version 1 keypads, and 11 version 1 contact sensors. It looks like the contact sensors won't work with Hubitat, but will the keypads?
If not, can a keypad of any kind be used to arm and disarm the system? My wife loves the simplicity of using the Iris keypad.
Any suggestions would be helpful.


The gift card did not cover those devices? Anything v1 is not compatible with any other hub, they work only with Iris. The Iris keypad v2 works, the centralite too.
Iris keypad v3 is in the works I believe.