Low profile (a.k.a. ultra-thin) LED recessed lighting for Hubitat?

Hey folks, I've just learned our future house is going to have the new fancy low profile (a.k.a. ultra-thin) LED recessed lighting. While controlling them with smart switches is always an option, I'd love to have some smart color lights as well. The only ones I can find are wifi (e.g. those Lumari ones), with no Hubitat integration. Does anyone know something better?

Those are CT lights (tunable white) but it does work with Hubitat.

Tunable white is something :slight_smile:

I think sylvania/Ledvance made thin LEDS. Check their website

Hey do, but I don't think those are smart.

Found some, but their website is lame.
check this link

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And not sure what "commercial" means, probably an excuse to charge more, as I'm pretty sure all their stuff is UL listed anyway

Dude, I'm always trolling for deals on zigbee stuff and came across these. Careful Sylvania is horrible with model numbers, descriptions, etc, but that said these look like they could fit your bill, and it's Zigbee !
Ugg it's shows the zigbee lightify gateway on the box, but says wifi . So IDK

3rd Edit !! This one IS Zigbee

Yeah, non of those are the ones I am looking for :frowning: But thanks @Rxich for the effort!