Low memory warning, but Hub Info driver reports memory is at 446,012

Getting a low memor warning on my C8, memory is at 446012 according to Hub Info driver:



Haven't seen this type of warning before, and it seems odd given my hub's memory level. I've refreshed the Hub Info driver device page, and reloaded the HE browser window. No change.

@support_team @gopher.ny Holding off on rebooting in case this is interesting and you want to look at engineering logs. Hub seems to be working fine.

I switched a couple Motion and Mode lighting rules over to Room Lighting and I'm now getting low memory warning (hub monitor) cycles every couple hours.

I don't know if it actually is the switch from Motion to Room that's caused it.

Memory is at 238 MB

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What is the frequency you are collecting the memory stat. I changed mine down to every min because i wasn't seeing momentary drops. After doing so i van see occasions of significant drops. Those numbers though don't make sense.

I thought that warning was suppose to trigger below 100mb.

I've been using Room Lighting pretty much since it was released w/out any memory issues, so I'd be surprised if that's the root of your problem...

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Check the events for the hub driver and make sure that memory value is up-to-date. I did have a few issues where it would randomly stop updating.

Good idea, hadn't looked at that.

The events are up to date, so the driver does appear to be getting current info from the hub.

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Does the warning go away if memory returns to normal levels? I e. Could there have been a temporary drop but then return to the level you are seeing now?

Do you have any charts with the history of the memory readings, to see if there was any drop in the recent past?

I haven't been tracking memory (never had any significant memory issues) so I don't have any history to look at.

One thing, however - memory hasn't changed since I noticed the alert ealier this evening...still at exactly 446012 that was reported three hours ago. If the memory reported stays there for a lot longer wondering if that may be indicating that memory reporting is "stuck."

Something is up...below is from the freeMemory endpoint. So memory is very low (83,676). It appears that Hub Info is not getting the correct value. I'm going to reboot the hub now.

  • /hub/advanced/freeOSMemoryHistory

Endpoint info after reboot:

Hub Info after reboot:

Check the scheduled jobs at the bottom of the hub info device. There was an issue recently where the next run time was not populated.

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@danabw - This sounds like the same issue I reported here and is what @sburke781 is referring to:

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Did these values update at the next poll?

It was reading this when I checked just now (no refresh):
2023-07-06 10_17_31-Hubs, Network, & Tech

This after a refresh on the Hub Info page:

This from the endpoint, just now:
2023-07-06 10_17_04-Hubs, Network, & Tech

All this on a C8, running .152.

Memory doesn't look to be updating, what poll queue is it assigned to and how often should it be running? Any errors/warnings in the logs?


Oh man, DOH (all caps!) - I had uninstalled and re-installed the driver a while back when I was troubleshooting some other stuff, and forgot to set up my poll queues. Just re-assigned it to a queue and memory is polling normally.

Operator error...sorry for the confusion.

I do have one question - should the manual Refresh on the Hub Info Device page work even if free memory isn't assigned to a queue?


Manual refresh runs each of the poll queues immediately, so if something isn't assigned a queue it won't update.


Thanks for re-confirming that, (I'm sure you've told me/us that before, or it's in the docs and I missed it). :wink:

I keep telling my wife I'm super smart and never make a mistake, unfortunately there is pretty extensive evidence to the contrary. :smiley:


But you can bake bread. Thatโ€™s a redeeming quality.


Admittedly, the bread (and my homemade jam) has saved my butt a few times... :wink:

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