Lots of things have died....please help

A couple of days ago various things stopped responding. I have since updated (although was only a version behind) so now on and although it all came back to life for an hour it has now stopped again.

Some examples of the issues:

  • Sharptools integration isn't working at all
  • Automations based on sunset for outside lights are not working
  • All Motion sensors are not recording active when clear movement (I have all hue motion sensors connected directly via zigbee)

One thing that is working seems to be the alexa and hue integrations as mostly alexa seems to be able to get the lights to turn on, although does report back there was a problem.

No idea what else to do :frowning: please help

  • Sharptools integration isn't working at all
    -- Don't use it so can't help much here.
    -- Just in case - is your hub IP address set as a fixed IP on your router, or in the hub network settings?
  • Automations based on sunset for outside lights are not working
    -- Check your hubs time settings to confirm they are correct/up-to-date. Settings>Hub Details
    -- Are you sure it's just the ones affected by sunset? Can you try the automations w/sunset requirement removed to see if they then run?
    -- Turn on debug logging for your lighting automation and lights/switches involved and post logs of what happens when the automations are triggered
  • All Motion sensors are not recording active when clear movement (I have all hue motion sensors connected directly via zigbee)
    -- Turn on debug logging in a couple of the Hue devices and wave your hand in front of them, post results from your logs here

Can you see your hub from the cloud? (use your phone and turn off wifi on it to test)

Do you have a static ip or DHCP reservation set for your hub?

What channel is your zigbee channel on?

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More details on this would help... Which app are you using for the automations? What do the logs for the app and lights show? Are you seeing sunset location events at the expected times (found in Logs tab)?

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Please PM me your hub's id, I'll check out the engineering logs on it.

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Can indeed and has been static for 2 years :frowning:

Feels the issue maybe more to do with the automations than things. I have looked at logs and motion sensor is picked up but then followed by an error "com.hubitat.app.exception.LimitExceededException: Event Queue is Full on line 226 (method parse)"

I also have a bedtime automation which runs when mode changes to night. Mostly just turns lights off but again this would not run.

Yeah, the issue is with event queue being full.

The problem is, I can't tell what is generating those events from the engineering logs. This looks like a good metric to add to the Logs page, Device stats and App stats tabs. The usual "no timeline promises" clause applies, but this will happen sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, please try disabling Hive connect app. It produces a lot of error log entries, which doesn't mean it's responsible for the issues, but those errors do make it a suspect.

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Thanks - I hadn't done anything different for months so something has started to behave differently. Sounds like a plan to start with hive - is there a simple way to disable it or is it remove? I can only see a remove button?

Yes... go to Devices page, make sure it's showing devices as a list and then click on the X button in the top row, next to the eye icon. That will show Disable column with checkboxes next to each device. Here's what devices look like by default:

Same with Disable column:

To think of it, please check what are the top entries of Logs page, App stats and Driver stats tabs. Event queue becomes full when something isn't processing events fast enough. Maybe just looking at the busiest apps/drivers can provide a clue.

Thanks. I have disabled everything Hive in devices :slight_smile: TRV's and the actual thermostats. Then done a reboot of the hub. Everything worked well for an hour and now it seems to have stopped again. I can see the sensors on the logs but none of the apps are working to turn the lights on, most of these automations are built in [Motion and Mode Lighting Apps]

Whats showing in app stats and device stats


The biggest things in app stats are hue and echo speaks. Literally nothing is working again :frowning: Seems to be ok for an half hour to an hour after reboot then dies

disable echo speaks... there have been issues it seems lately with AWS... I finally had to remove mine until @tonesto7 makes changes.

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If you check Device events history counter checkbox in Device stats tab, and sort by events in decreasing order, does any device (or several) stand out as having too many events?

I disabled all echo speaks devices and also the app itself. Rebooted and worked for half hour again and now it's all stopped responding again :frowning:

Events history counter doesn't look anything too weird I would say? Nothing with massive figures.

In the app stats hue seems to have a high number

Currently logs are showing motion detected but again no lighting apps seem to be working. The standard alexa integration is now reporting rooms offline when instructing it to turn off lights

How are you having 400, 600, 800 events in an hour of uptime? That seems WAY excessive. My worst device is only a bit over 100 events after 3 days of uptime.

Oh wow, yes maybe that is excessive then. They seem all family similar though, one in particular doesn't stand out.

On that screen shot, other than the weather app thing, they are all light bulbs that are creating the events. The app status also shows Hue as the worst offender there....is there something going wrong with lighting maybe?

It's worth noting that on my bulbs, Hallway, Kitchen & Dining ones in screenshot are not connected via hue. They are ikea white only bulbs. The rest of my bulbs are coloured hue ones and connected via the hue integration.

That can't be right, that event figure must not reset at hub reboot. I've just updated to .127 and here is mine after just one minute: