Lost rules when upgraded to

upgraded to and new C8. I can no longer find my rules about turning on lights at a specific time etc. It appears they still work but I can not find them to edit.---------------------------
Please provide your hub model (C7, C8, etc.) and its platform version from Settings>Hub Details.

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Are you sure the list isn't just collapsed, hiding the "child apps"? Click the arrow next to the parent app name to expand (or collapse) the list of child apps/rules under it. The parent app in your case would be something like Basic Rule, Rule Machine, or whatever you used to create it in the first place.

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Also make sure the search box at the top of the page is cleared

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Mine are there .. just updated .. you could / can just un-install the new update.
goto : http://YOUR_HUB_IP:8081 and pick : Restore previous Version < button


There is no possible way that a hub update caused apps to disappear like this or that reverting the platform version would fix it; if anything, that would be database corruption, which can be restored independently.

In any case, until we hear from the OP, we don't know what the problem is -- but I strongly suspect it is one of the above rather than either of these.


Most likely, there's some text in filter/search box. I run into this all the time...

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