Lost password and email. Completely stuck!

Hi, I just bought the C8 and in the midst of my excitement setting it up I created a new email account and then assigned it as my Hubitat email. I have now forgotten the Hubitat password which I can't reset since I've also forgotten the email address password! I have completely locked myself out of both Hubitat and its associated email.

Did I just brick this device? Is there a way to factory reset it?

No, you didn't brick your hub. Are you not able to access the hub's local interface because is password protected? If that's the case, check out the following post:

Note that my.hubitat.com uses the same credentials as logging into the community.

If you are unable to log into my.hubitat.com, then please create a case by visiting the following page (select I can't create an account option) and we will help you replace the email address that you've registered the hub with:

Be sure to list the new email address when creating the case.