Lost my Dashboard

I have no dashboard anymore. All gone. Can I reload that from somewhere? and where are dashboards stored...on the hub or online?


Also I lost my Apps. Everything is as if I just started from scratch. I still have my devices though.

I would engage support before you play about too much.
If you want to have a play.
Do you have any local backups?
If so, and the latest one is current, you could try a SOFT RESET and then install your latest backup.
I have done this before for another issue and it worked just fine.

Your issue may be different so contacting support first may be the best option.

Just tagging in @bobbyD for a heads up if you are going to/have already contacted support.

Thanks. I don't seem to have a local backup that is older than a few days. This problem happened before those backups apparently. It seems I should have downloaded a backup after my last device additions because I lost those too. I guess I have to redo everything and backup locally this time. I didn't understand how this worked until now.

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