Lost 2 hubs, hoping for help

9 hubs, 5 C4, 4 C7.
All hubmesh'ed together.
Updated to in hopes of curing severe loads and reboots.
2 C4 did not respond well, 500 errors and corrupted database.
Moved the problimatic hubs back to, they had been running well.
Restored database to the backup taken at last upgrade.
These 2 are doing the same thing, 500 errors and corrupt database, even having rolled back.

Help!, please.

One hub had many of these:
app:29212023-01-24 16:43:34.721debugputHandler: status:408, error:Too many open files

App 2921 is hue bridge integration.

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Start with one of the problematic C7 hubs. Backup current db to PC (settings>>backup and restore>>download button at bottom) Goto yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset. When it comes back up, restore with the file you downloaded to your pc. Shut down hub after restore. Unplug hub at wall for 5 mins then power back up. Now to upgrade. It's bringing something corrupt over., This way you've cleaned your database and radios.


I'm confused @woodsy , is it the 2 C7's that are at issue or 2 C4's? I thought it was the C4's...

In any event, is there a badge for "most hubs"? I think you won !


Could you please check out this thread:


It is 2x C4 giving me greaf.

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