Looking for Bulk LED Light Strips Recommendations

I want to add LED strip lighting in our closets and wardrobes. I need at least 200 feet of LED light strips that is at least 60 LED per meter. I will be using the Gledopto Mini RGB+CCT Controller with them. Anyone know where I can find them in bulk for a fair price? Thank you!

What voltage are you planning on using? What will your longest run be?

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Longest run with be 60 feet. It will be our wardrobes so it’s kind of snaking up-across-down like 3 times. Not sure what volts I would need for that, but I do have an outlet right next to it.

You're going to want a big power supply and will probably need to do some power injection. I recently finished up a similar project with 42' of RGBW strips. I ended up using a 360W 24V power supply.


With three power repeaters:


Using these LED strips:



Ugh that may be too much for my capabilities lol. If I dropped down to 30 led/meter, would I still need power injections? I see the Govee 65 ft just uses a 24V power supply. Since it’s just the wardrobes, I probably don’t actually need 60 led/meter

And when the lights are on the electric meter spins up and takes off helicopter style?

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You should purchase a "typical" LED strip and play with the brightness. 200 ft of 60 (or even 30) LED/foot will so bright you clothing will start to fade /s.
Seriously you should purchase a single string of different LEDs and see what you need.

You didn't mention if you plan on white LEDs or color. I suggest white with the capability of varying from 3000 to 4500 °K

I purchased some COB LED strips with 480LEDs/meter. Very cool, thin and you cannot see the individual LEDs. They are 5W/m so the # of LEDs does not translate to a super bright strip.

Similar to these.

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I was pretty happy with the LEDs I bought here recently:

They have a ton of options so it does help to know what you want for different applications.



@HarleysWorld the biggest issue with long LED runs is voltage drop. That can impact color rendering for the LEDs. How much that is a factor will depend on the LEDs you use and the voltage itself. 24V is favored for longer runs.

Wow. Never knew an amplifier existed.
I have LEDs around the perimeter of my deck, not a light strip but same concept. I just split them into 8 foot sections and ran individual 22awg wire to each section.

If you're only doing one color with no dimming, then they aren't necessary....or if you're using IC LEDs.

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In your 42’ project, how did you get the 2nd power supply in the later section?

I only have a single power supply. That 360W has three output terminal sets. The controller is hooked into the repeater and the LED strips are wired to the repeater. I'll take some pics here in a little bit.

I use these:

It gives me a zigbee interaction, 16 feet of light, and works flawlessly with hubitat. I know it's only 16ft, but they do have some variations.

If you don't need RGBCCT (which can produce varying levels of white), you can try these, which come in two sets of 32 feet. They still do white, but not a dedicated white:

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Power injections are simply additional wires from the power supply to every 2nd or 3rd power strip. They can be wired like:





I understand the concept, but I’m thinking like practically. My application is for putting led light strips in 2x IKEA Pax Wardrobes (well it’s technically 3 but let’s just take 2 for now) — each measuring approx 40”W x 23” D x 94” H. Is it just a matter of hiding extra sets of 16 awg electrical wires in a channel running along with the LED strip and “popping out” to power a new segment? Or is it better to have the electrical wires and amps running at the back of the wardrobe and coming to the front to power a new segment?

Nice! Which driver do you use with it?

I use the "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb" built-in driver.
It allows for color temp, hue, level and saturation settings programmatically; among other settings. It has a VERY nice fade when "jumping" between colors (which you can customize). And it shows up in all the settings for rule manager and the like. So, I can do things like set one color for daytime and another for night; timers; etc.

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That depends on the LED strips.

I ran everything across the tops of the cabinets. In my case, each ~16' run went on its own repeater. I used 20 ga silicone wrapped wire for each strip, with 18ga wires running back to the repeaters. I have all the hardware in the back corner up top.

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So, you made me go check. 96W is my max use.

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