Looking for alternatives to Zwave PC Controller

It looks like for whatever reason I am unable to use the SilLabs Zwave PC controller any longer (See here for original post) are there any alternatives to this? Primarily for node repair and removal, inclusion, exclusion and firmware updates?

I have posted my problem in the SilLabs community and I'm not getting any where there either.

I am not looking for reccomendtiins for other protocols or suggestions to switch to zigbee. I do have zigbee and I spend more time chasing annoying problems with that than I do z-wave.

The only other thing I've used for most of this is ZwaveJs2MQTT. Contrary to its name, you don't need MQTT for it to work; it can just be a control panel/front-end for ZWaveJs. If you have a supervised Home Assistant installation, it's easy to add (I mean the community add on; the built-in integration is only ZWaveJs), but you can also run it in a container like Docker or on bare hardware yourself if you wanted.

But: last I tried, it didn't do too well long term as a secondary controller (never saw news nodes from Hubitat), but this may have changed recently. I think I even needed to use PC Controller in the first place to add it as one....

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Update. I never did figure out what caused the problems. Shortly after I had a couple other programs start acting wonky. Fing stopped monitoring and outlook wouldn't down load messages. Silicon Labs never did give me an answer anyway. I ended up resetting windows. May have been a nuclear option, but things are working correctly and much better now.