Looking for a small humidity sensor

Hi all,

I'm looking for a battery operated small humidity sensor. The smaller, the better.
I want it energy efficient, reporting every hour or even couple of hours is fine.
This is for my humidor, I want to keep an eye on the humidity for my cigars!

I reccommend using the Tuya Temp/Humidity sensor.

Don't you use the Boveda pads?

NYCE Zigbee sensors. Small profile, high quality, long battery life, high price


I agree with the NYCE Zigbee humidity sensors. I installed one a month ago in my bathroom and it works great. They are available on Amazon. It is small ... a little pricey but it should work great in your humidor. FWIW it also senses motion.....that way you can see if anyone steals one of your cigars :smile:

Konke temperature and humidity sensors are the smallest I know of, and work well with Hubitat, as long as you stick with zigbee channels 15, 20, or 25 - because those are the only channels they support.

They're also very accurate.


The SONOFF sensor is small, cheap, and ugly. But it does work!

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So far I'm happy with the Aqara sensor: https://smile.amazon.com/Aqara-WSDCGQ11LM-Temperature-Humidity-Sensor/dp/B07D37FKGY/

Using a community driver. It's very small.

Having said that, it's only been a week so can't speak to battery life.

I currently use sensorpush sensors + the sensorpush gateway. It works well, really well, but i like the idea of putting all automations under a single dashboard.
I really like the size of the aqara sensor. And i can get an alarm if someone is opening my humidor!!

Someone asked me what i got. I have this setup currently. i'm trying to consolidate as much as i can to a single platform.

I use cigar oasis for keeping the humidity right. But they so seldom require refill that i often overshoot and forget to add water to the humidifier. I have a couple of pretty sizeable humidors.

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I've done a driver to pull down the sensorpush readings from the cloud storage you get as part of purchasing the gateway. Not ideal to be relying on the cloud, but at least I could make use of these sensors I purchased before HE.

You have it working with HE? Once in HE i could put them into a hubigraph tile and chart the humidity that way. and if they are a device i can make alerts based on humidity tresholds.

I just didn't think that they opened up their API... silly me, i should have checked!
let me play with your driver, if that works then this is the way i will go!

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Yep, it's been a while since I set it up, but you may need to contact them to get the api key, can't quite remember...

I commented in your original thread. seems to work great! just wanted to confirm something about polling.

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Love them. Have 16 of them....

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I’m at 10. Reliable and accurate. Great deal for the price.

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super cool! got the humidors humidity sensors into a dashboard. Looks really good!


I use one of these and a 3rd generation Iris Motion sensor. Both have worked great in my humidors.

I had a Boveda Butler...and it was terrible...

Love this Dashboard. PLease provide details on how you created. Thx

I used hubigraph. I added the humidity sensors to a bar graph with history. And changed the background color to transparent, made the bottom axis pixels a bit narrower. And changed the derived names to friendlier names for each sensor. Last thing is to add callout in the graph and remove the shadowing effects from it. store it as a tile and then just include it into a chart. works well!

I have about 10 of these, they work great:
SONOFF SNZB-02 - ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor (itead.cc)

Was it an easy integration?

I currently have the SNZB-02 connected to a 4th generation Echo and it has only worked one day so far.

My Hubitat hub is on a delivery truck as I type this.