Looking for a small humidity sensor

It seems to have been smooth to me.

Yes, it was.

Was finally able to set up my HE last night.

The sensor was the last device added to the hub and it's working reliably so far.

For those using sensors in your humidors, how have them been working, and what ones did you end up using?

I've been trying the AHT21 and AHT25 I2C ones hooked to Tasmota. They work perfectly outside the humidor, and when placed in a bag with a salt cup, I'm getting that ~70% humidity. Issue I'm seeing is when in the humidor, whatever the cigars are outgassing seems to coat the sensor, and it starts to drift at about +0.5%/day. Last one I took out said it was 93% in the humidor!

I'm using one sonoff and one Gen3 iris motion sensor that has humidity. I've not had that problem with either in about a year of use. One is in a wineadoor and one is in a tabletop. I use Boveda packs in both for humidity control and also have calibrated manual humidistats to compare to. The Boveda packs do a great job of regulating the humidity and the sensors let me know when they start to tail off.

It bounces between 69 and 70 with a 69% pack.

Now it is set with a -6 offset in the driver when I originally calibrated it...but it hasn't moved since then.

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Thanks, I'll check that out. I'm getting tired of mine perpetually creeping and then me getting notifications that all the sticks are dying in the humidor. :smile:

The round aqara ones are tiny. Mine has never dropped off and it also reports temperature

I've mentioned this in other threads but if you don't have a good hygrometer here is a relatively inexpensive one that works great:


edit: this is the "non-smart" variety and can be used to check your results.

Thanks for the tip for these. I bought a 4-pack of Sonoff's off Amazon, stuck one in the humidor, a bit annoyed on day #1 since it read low (62%). Figured maybe, just maybe I should check them. Put all 4 in a bag with the cap of wet salt (75%) and got 76%, 75%, 74% and 74% on the 4 sensors. Pretty close to bang on!

Re-wet the humidifier, and now It's 67% and very slowly climbing. :ok_hand:

Only complaint of any Sonoff sensor is their back plate stakes. No clue why they make the barbs so large so it's impossible to remove. I filed most of the barb off each of the stakes, now they can be removed without tools.


Which driver are you using with the aqara sensors? Is it in hpm?