Logging on to hub with iPhone

Been having a problem lately.
over the last couple of days ive been moving my hub to different places in my home...all on the same network switch. For some reason ive lost the ability to log onto my hub with my phone.
Nothing has changed on my network. It was working fine then i sis a reboot ( several times) and it just won't log on.
I typically use portal.hubitat.com/findmyhub but its been really flakey. Im willing to bet that after a another re boot or 2 i get the functionality back.

Kind of annoying as im out in my garage toying with some automations and a few new relays and running backing the house to do things is a pain.

Is there anything i can do to force it to show up?

the phone is on the same network as my hub.


My guess is that your hub's local IP address is changing, and that it's taking a few minutes to "check in" with the cloud and update it. Besides the above, you could use findmyhub.hubitat.com to find it (probably easier to get to, but similar to the above and offers some "advanced" discovery features that should help you find it if it's not updated yet online).

To get around this, I would suggest creating a DHCP reservation on your router. That way, your hub will always get the same IP address. You also won't need to use the mobile app to get to the hub (which you don't already anyway, but it may make it easier to find it if the IP address keeps changing). You could just bookmark/navigate directly to this IP address, and you can use any web browser on any device on your network. You can also set a static IP address on the hub itself, but I would recommend the previous approach if possible, and there's less that can be messed up that way.

Finally, I'm not sure how you're "rebooting" the hub if you can't find it, but Settings > Reboot (or Shut Down) is always preferred if you can get to it. Obviously, in the case you described, that may not have been possible. Polite shutdowns and reboots reduce the risk of database corruption and problems that can result from that, so one of the above should help with all of this, too.

Appreciate the feedback.
For some reason I tried to assign a static up address to something a while back but apparently att wants a fee for that. Unless I asked for the wrong thing!
I use the reboot on the settings page when possible.

Yeah, that's the wrong thing. You don't need a static public IP address for your home Internet connection (which is what it sounds like they are talking about). You just need to set one up yourself on your own network for your hub. This is generally done via your router's management interface, but the exact steps vary depending on what one you're using. It's not strictly necessary, but it can help with things like the above.


This blog post explains the concept of DHCP reservations in pretty plain language, which you might find helpful:

Note that it contrasts DHCP reservation with static IP address assignment. But it’s important to understand all this is on your Local Area Network (LAN).

AT&T would only charge you money to set your public IP address to static. Also called your WAN (Wide Area Network) IP address. That’s for a totally different use case, as @bertabcd1234 explained.

As @bertabcd1234 you don't need a static ip on your router. That is what att will charge. If you have access to your router interface you want to do a reservation. This involves using the MAC ip of your hubitat (printed on the bottom of your HE) and assigning that MAC an IP address. So for instance if your local lan is on 192.168.1.x you could lets say assing an IP of to mac addr 12:34:56:78:90:0F so that everytime the hub reboots it gets the same ip. Or you can assign a static ip via the hub's network interface. (make sure you change the DNS to

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