Relating to logging, a couple things.

  1. On the Logs page, is there any chance there could be a "drop down" to select the device, sorted in "device name" order? Currently, I end up with like 14 or more lines of devices listed in no human-sensible order. :slight_smile: The current list takes up a lot of screen space--and isn't very easy to use. Thx!

  2. Is there any option to send/save log data outside of the HE device? Possibly pointing to a Dropbox folder (since I'm not cool enough to be running Splunk at home :slight_smile: ). Mostly wondering about this one--super low priority. Just thinking, tho, it would be nice to be able to go back a long ways for certain events. If I could point my logs to a folder on Google Cloud, Dropbox, etc., then the log data could be saved in files (using a new name each day, so they could be managed).

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Not exactly what you describe but there is


and I'm sure I recently saw something about getting log streams via an (un)documented interface which I think was http but I'll be damned if I can find it now. :roll_eyes:


You can click on any device at the top of the log page, and it will filter out all other devices.

True, but I'm with the OP because the devices are listed in the order of their appearance and it's hard to find the one I want to select. Having them listed alphanumericaly in a drop-down list would be MUCH better, IMO.


Of course, I know that. That was not the point of my suggestion.

The problem is that I have something like 70+ "devices" listed at the top of the page that are scattered rather randomly across 14-15 lines.

Indeed, if I could FIND the device I'm looking for, why, yes, I could click it and filter things down.

My suggestion was to GREATLY improve my ABILITY TO FIND the device I'm interested in--by using a drop-down sorted in alphabetical order by device name INSTEAD of 14-15 lines of randomly scattered about devices.

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Sorry, hard to keep track of who knows what with the influx of new users. I guess I was answering that for all the noobs who aren't familiar with the current method.

Different ways to sort and select devices would be a nice enhancement.

While I agree there are different and IMHO better ways this could work, a workaround that may work in the meantime, besides what's been mentioned, is using your browser's search feature to look for part (or all, I suppose) of the device name. The first result will usually be the name at the top you can use to filiter. Also, if you're expecting logs from a specific device, you know that reloading the page will clear it and you'll have an easier time finding it (except, of course, with "Past Logs").

PS - We are all just community members helping each other out. If the all caps is you raising your voice, I understand your concern for the issue at hand but suggest not doing taking it out on us. :slight_smile:

You are correct! :slight_smile: Or at least I assume you're talking about the websocket method that Log Watchdog uses: [BROKEN] Log Watchdog - Keep an eye on what's important in the log. You could use something similar to capture the data to storage of your choice, though as far as I know this is undocumented and even the documented aspects of HE's websockets are subject to change, or maybe that was just applicable to the older methods they now deprecated.


THIS is what I was trying to recall:

And then there's more:

I tried the simplistic approach and naively put ws://[hubitat_ip]/logsocket into a browser which does not work. :blush:

Sorry wasn't meaning to take anything out on anyone. Just to point out the key issue of my concern.

Yeah, I've been using the browser search--but that's far from ideal. I've got a lot of devices that contain similar words, so I either have to "next, next, next...." or type the whole thing in (which, with my finger coordination is essentially impossible. :slight_smile: ).

I support this request too. I think it’s was asked a few times last year but doesn’t hurt to ask again.

I jump from device to device a lot. I feel like listing them down the side instead would be a nice option too. Order should be configurable because I depend on the order sometimes to help me determine the order things happen in.

For now I turn if all the logging I don’t need. Especially if I know a device is working fine. If it generates an error then I will see it even with the logs off and I can investigate it then.

This also helps with the nightly maintenance and backup sizes too.

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This would be nice (at least option #1, I wouldn't use dropbox personally). Pretty much the only way I find the device I want is ctrl+f

+1 to for option to send logs to an external syslog instance.

There is search on the logs page (assuming you know what the device name is):

Start typing the name, and then click on the blue dev:xxxx on the left side of the list, and that device is then isolated.


Hmm, maybe it's my browser (vivaldi) as I know it's not on the supported list but it doesn't work for me on version .125

Try it on Chrome, just to see how it works. We aren't likely to work much on browser specific issues just now.

I understand and that's fine by me.

I'm on Arch Linux and have chromium installed but I think that's close enough. However, it behaves the same as vivaldi which is also a chromium derivative.

Interesting, I just tried it using Vivaldi on my tablet and it works. I'll have to power up the desktop and check there. I'm using Mint, not Arch, but its worth a check.


Leave it to me to be a "special case" :roll_eyes: (insert head scratching emoji here), since there isn't one in the palette.

You must be special!

I just tried it on my desktop on both my hubs v4 & v5, in both current logs and past logs, and i was able to filter on any word, or part of word, or even symbol I wanted.

I didn't check to see what Version of Vivaldi I was running, but on Arch, I wonder if you are running a bit bleeding edge on the browser?


P.S. I think the only plugin I'm running on Vivaldi is Bitwarden...plugin issue maybe?

GREAT!!! Excuse me while I go to the padded room and visit all my friends there. Shhh, nobody else can see 'em, just me. :crazy_face:

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