Logging additional data from Weatherflow Tempest to InfluxDB

What's a straightforward way of logging data beyond temp and humidity from a Weatherflow Tempest weather station to InfluxDB?


I have a Tempest weather station for which I currently have integrated via the Weatheflow driver from @snell. I'm logging temperature, humidity, and illuminance via the InfluxDB Logger app. I'd like to also log wind and rain data.

I'm open to issuing and PR for the InfluxDB Logger app, but would like to know if there are any other readily available solutions before doing so.

BTW, I'm considering trying out the Weatherflow Lite driver, but that shouldn't matter in terms of logging data to InfluxDB.

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I use maker api to node red to influxdb.


I've been using this HE -> InfluxDB solution for some time now and it hasn't missed a beat. I believe all the attributes are sent to Influx, so would expect it should give you what you need.

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