Log on host hub only?

Is there a way to keep the logs for a device only on its host hub? I have a one-way device share to ringfence my Aqara sensors, and because they're tricky little so-and-sos I have full logging on for them. Unfortunately this is then filling up my logs on my master hub so there isn't history longevity for the less frequent logging from the stable devices on there.

Assuming you're sharing the devices via HubMesh, you should be able to set the shared device log/events retention to 1, or 11 or... Won't keep the logging from occurring but should minimize its footprint.

Trouble is I need all the logs for these particular devices for now. Once I no longer do I can turn off the logging for them altogether.

It would be nice to have the option to share or not logging from the source to the target device in Hub Mesh. As far as I know, it is not an available option right now.

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Maybe I'm being dense this morning, but don't each of your sensors come over as a separate device?

Yes, each one on my Hub #2 is either a Tradfri Repeater or an Aqara Sensor. I am still not totally convinced of their stability so I am keeping full logging on till I am sure they're all settled. I don't want their large log file pushing the occasional-but-important log history off my Hub #1

If what you meant was I can trim how much log I share to the other hub per device then I don't see a way

So keep the logging level on #2 where you need it, but on #1 go to the shared device and reduce the log and event history.

Oh I see a setting for event history but not for logs. The event history isn't bothering me tho.

On Hub #1, open the device page for the shared device, and scroll to the bottom. Should be separate numbers for events and logs to retain; setting them there has no effect on the device on #2, but should allow you to keep the minimum on #1.

I only have events

My apologies, I am dense this morning. You can trim the Event and State history, but the actual log entries do keep coming.... Only "solution" I can think of is to send the logs to a syslog server and parse out the extraneous entries there.

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Probably less hassle to simply grit my teeth until I no longer need their logs. :smiley:

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Hate to be the one, but I did this with Aqara and Tradfri and Sylvania 72922(not A version) and every compatible repeater. The aqara were stable for months, and out of nowhere, they drop. I hope your experience is different, but when I look at all the time & money wasted on trying to get them stable, I realize I should have never bought them. On their own hub they are fantastic and there's an integration to bring them into Home Assistant

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Sadly they have removed this, so you can only use it if you don't update the Aqara hub to the latest. I found out too late, since once I brought the Aqara hub online the app immediately made me update.


FWIW, I run a separate zigbee network for Aqara devices on zigbee2mqtt that I bring in as Hubitat virtual devices via Node-RED. It’s easier to bring them into Hubitat via HA and Home Assistant Device Bridge, but that option didn’t exist when I needed to do this.

A zigbee 3.0 USB dongle that works with HA or z2m can be had for less than $20.

My separate z2m network is upto 85 devices now. And has been rock steady since I set it up. Last year, I lost power for almost 2 weeks, and when power was restored, ALL my Aqara devices paired back by themselves.

I'd certainly consider that. But I'd want to buy one of their yellow hub things so I don't also have to worry about nannying an HA installation on docker or something. Don't really know much about NodeRED if it's another software install it all starts feeling a bit burdensome though

I was a backer when Nabu Casa crowdfunded Home Assistant Yellow, and I hope to receive my unit within 2-3 weeks (as per an email from last week). It is my plan to migrate my zigbee2mqtt mesh to HA.

What machine are you running your NodeRed on?

Can't recall where @aaiyar runs his, but there are several options - many just run it on an rPi. I started there, but moved it to a Docker container on my Synology several months back.

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I've got a NUC, and it is currently running Home Assistant in a container (without any devices or anything)... I guess it could run NodeRED too... However it was a struggle getting HA installed and running, and I don't know what I might face trying to tell Linux about a zigbee2mqtt dongle. I'd bought the Aqara hub intending to get the sensors working that way via HA then I went and ruined it by letting the app update it.

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