Log on host hub only?

I run mine on this. I like Hardkernel hardware, and right now, an N2+, which is more powerful than a Pi4, is readily available and cheaper than a Pi4.

However, a NUC would work very well.

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Ditto for me and the Hardkernel ODROID N2+ for HA. Iā€™m a total NOOB and I managed to get it running in about 30 min. So, obviously you could do it too. It is the same hardware used with the HA Blue.

In the US the distributor is ameriDroid. Not sure about other countries.

For me, the hard part was integration of HE and HA. I spent almost a day on that (plus waiting overnight). Lucky me, though, this community is great and I had outstanding support (!).



My Aqara + Tradfri C5 has been operational since January with zero drops/issues except for one dead battery. Aqara motions are not very good at reporting battery levels it appears.

I am also running device activity tracker on the hub.

@thebearmay how heavy of load is HA on your Synology? I only have a 2 bay DS220+ (Celeron version). What Synology do you have?

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