Log File Size Limit?

With all the motion and contact sensors I have installed, I have many info log entries that report sensor state and temp where available. I now find that my log file can only go back about 12 hrs or so before log messages are no longer saved. Is there a way to either increase the log file size or limit by time (i.e. save logs for past 24 hrs, etc)? I suppose I could disable info reporting on these devices as another option as well. Also, to keep my ChromeCast devices alive I use the awesome @bptworld ChromeCast helper app. Even though the helper app's logging is disabled, I have multiple debug initialize and info connected log messages for each device (6 CC speakers) every 15 min (which contributes to log file bloat). I believe that these log messges are coming from the ChromeCast Integration beta but there appears to be no way to turn debuging/logging off. Any suggestions on either front would be appreciated. Thanks.

Log files are limited to 10MB current logs and 10 MB of past logs.

Turn off info text logging and debug logging for all the devices and apps that don’t need it.

Doing so will make it easier for @bobbyD to debug any potential Issues with your HE in the future.

@aaiyar ... thanks, I assumed that there was a physical limit. I turned off all the info logging for my contact and motion sensors and it has "quieted" down the logging. Was hoping for another option. Regarding 10MB limit, I'm not sure what other logging data is saved (or how to access), but when I save the log file (copy / paste) as a text file, I only get 158 KB.

I also believe that there may be some sort of performance hit due to very frequent logging.
Another reason to turn off logging unless required.

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