No idea, it's nothing being produced currently.

It's the lever handle variant of the BE 369 and 469,




I ment the data.

Ah, gotcha.


Hoping it is an over sight??? @mike.maxwell

No mention of lock manager here.

On the plus side, I just won a dollar.


lol one mans pain is another's gain.

curious on the details of this dollar though.... :sunglasses:

Yup, despite my best efforts it wasn't fit for purpose, lockCode data and event/command inconsistencies began to appear when managing lock code change requests for multiple locks (three or more usually) concurrently, this necessitated a rework on the data structures as well as a serialized Q for pending commands and responses.

It's tough getting to 90% then having the whole thing fall apart under load testing, but there you have it.

While the app probably would have met the needs of the vast majority of you in its previous state that wasn't good enough, I just can't put something out there that I know for sure will fail at some point in the future.


Thank you for the update. I can appreciate the pride and attention to detail you put into this.


Thank you! It is an hard choice, but sometimes it's better not to ship.
(and if you are changing the data structure you might incorporare the previous suggestions :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah, the code scheduling is what really drove the nail in the coffin...

I'm crying. But I appreciate you striving for quality.

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I have heartburn right now....BUT my house is still safe even though I have to manually add/delete codes in the drivers themselves. :wink:

Our nanny wants a code. I keep telling her "Nope, you need to wait for the next update!"

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LOL! I am excited for Mike's lock code manager. Would be awesome to have but as of right now I have at least another option since 1.1.5.

+1 on delaying to ensure quality. I will take a later release over potential issues any day of the week. Thanks for making the right decision!!

I know there is a lot of focus on the lock manager - setting up users and assigning a PIN. However, there are additional configurations to set with this lock. There are alarm features, a beeper, and auto-lock. I have both the z-wave and HomeKit version of these locks. The HomeKit version has much better features, but I believe this is because the app used to configure the lock is made by Schlage. I currently configure my z-wave Schlage lock using Wink.

The auto lock feature with the HomeKit version has multiple selections (30 sec., 1 minute, 2 minutes....up to 4 minutes). With Wink's configuration of this feature, it only has one option- 30 seconds. If you walk outside to check the mail, the lock would usually lock right before I got back. It was very annoying. I ended up putting the HomeKit lock on my front door and configuring it to 4 minutes.

The other nice feature with the HomeKit version is that I can set a schedule for each user's access. This added another level of security for the assigned user codes. I don't know definitively, but I feel like the capability is there with the z-wave version of this lock, but there is no utility to configure it.

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The z wave version has the same features, but they depend if the hub and driver support them. I had all those features with my z wave lock in ST with RBoy device handler.

Iā€™m just digging into this, and my Z-wave lock is literally on a truck heading my way, but it appears I can use HE and RM to do just about anything I want with the lock. This is really no different then the way I control August now, except that tracking who opens and closes the door will be strictly HE doing the heavy lifting, whereas it has been August and HomeKit on my existing lock.

I'm also sad that it's not release, but glad that you didn't release something half-baked.

Something I've noticed is that these deadbolts seem to jamb easily, especially if the door is not in good alignment. This means that automatic locking is not reliable. When this happens, my lock shows "unknown" status on the status page and in the log, but I cannot select anything but "locked" or "unlocked" for rules purposes. It would be really great if locks had the ability to report "unknown" or "jammed" as a status for automation purposes allowing me to trigger some sort of notification, sound an alarm etc.
Any ideas on how this could be done?