I am planning on gettting a schlage lock (so I can change the key to match my current) and was wondering if lock codes can be changed via hubitat?
If not how would I change them and make temp codes. This is my first lock ever

You can currently change lock codes via hubitat, but it's 'clunky'. They are working on a lock code manager.

Do all the locks work the same way with hubitat?

Yes, Afaik.

@mike.maxwell has mentioned recently that a lock manager app is at or near the top of his to do list.

the top of the list...


I haven't migrated my Locks yet as I rely on the RBoy ST app pretty heavily. Does the current feature or future lock manager app support/will support things like ability to send notifications when specific codes are used, codes only usable for certain days/times?

This feature will be part of Rule Machine, and will not require Lock Code Manager.
In the next release (1.1.4.xxx) RM will include support for triggers and conditions using lockCodes generated by the Centralite Keypad (Lowes and Comcast versions).
I do not know if we'll have door Lock support or not, I'll find out tomorrow (I think it just needs final testing)

The first release of LockCode Manager will not be in 1.1.4, its close and only has a little work left, but it's not going to make 1.1.4, it will support named codes, code use reports, security keypad and lock code management, usage limits (disable after x usage), burner codes (delete after x usage) , auto decryption of lock code events (code encryption is a per lock device preference setting) and downloading of all existing codes from all lock devices and keypads.
The current feature set doesn't include time based access controls, only usage based right now.



Is there a possible alternative to lockcodes currently in HE? I have officially moved all my lights, automations and sensors over to HE. I still have doors and garage doors to move but I am hesitant as I can't find any information surrounding lockcode management like I have in ST with rboy's app.

Last items to be resolved:

  • SmartLife RGBw controller and device code to be finished ported by ST developer
  • Harmony HUB true integration
  • Lock code management for doors
  • Mobile app for accurate presence and also remote control of HE admin

SO close and very happy so far btw.

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Not unless someone in the community has written or ported one and is holding it back...

Heh. I did port Rboys, but I did a poor job and didn't go forward with it, due to native integration coming.
Plus, I wouldn't be able to share that due to copyright restriction.

Didn’t see lock code manager in 1.15. Any idea when this addition will be blessing our HE hubs?

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1.1.6, seriously...



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@bravenel still November?? :lying_face:

It looks like some additional features have been added to the generic z-wave lock device in one of the recent updates. I just noticed it.

Is there a post somewhere that outlines how to use this? Specifically, the number, name, and code? Also, how does the lock code encryption work?


Right now codes can be entered using the setCode command in the driver.
The first number is the codeNumber aka slot, second is pin code, third in the name ie user.
Codes can also be retrieved from the lock by clicking getCodes.
Some locks will not return the actual code stored on the lock, in this case the returned code will be ????
You will need to reset these codes using the setCode.
The encryption option encrypts the codes and the code events.

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Thank you!

When attempting to set a code. Under State Variables I see a requestedChange . . .
What does "status=DA" mean?


Which lock and driver?

My bad, you do need some details, don't you?

Lock: Schlage FE599

  • deviceType: 25419
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x85,0x73,0x72,0x98
  • deviceId: 20556
  • manufacturer: 59

Using the "Generic Z-Wave Lock" driver.

Thank you!