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I keep trying but cannot make a rule I need work. When locking or unlocking a Schlage FE599 lock via a tile on my dashboard the tile remains grayed out for a long time then eventually returns to normal then at some distant time refreshes and accurately reflects the locks current state - locked or unlocked. I am trying to create a rule that tells the lock to refresh 2 seconds after I lock or unlock it but the tile does not respond. I really need to know whether the change has happened. Can anyone advise me on the writing of the rule? I have been trying for days now. Is the issue with the tile and not the lock? Is the lock refreshing but the tile not polling it to know?


Is it Z-Wave or Zigbee? The reason I ask is that I would add the Z-Wave poller app if it's a Z-Wave lock (or just replace it with a Zigbee model :wink: ). However, the other thing that strikes me might be battery. How much battery life is left? Low batteries in some locks exhibit the behavior you are describing.

In RM, I would create the following:

In Actions > Control Switches > Poll These Devices > Choose the lock.

If it's a Zigbee lock, you could try to refresh it in the same section.


Hi. It's Z-wave. I own 3 and they weren't cheap and were the reason I came over to Hubitat-because they work with it. Batty's are good. I can't poll them, it is not on the drop down list of devices. Thank you. Anything else I can do?


I have a rule that whenever the door the lock on opens or closes wait 10 seconds and poll the lock.

I think the problem is my z-wave lock fails to send the updated status.
The poll seems to help enough without killing the battery on a period schedule.


If you don't see the Poll option, install the Z-Wave Poller App from Built-in Apps. (Apps -> Add Built-In App -> Z-Wave Poller).

To be honest, I ditched all my Z-Wave locks because of their horrible instability. Some other things to try might be repairing your Z-Wave mesh (Pretty much my goto option when Z-wave devices start acting wonky).


Can you post that rule for the OP?


I have repaired the mesh several times. The locks do not show up in the Z-Wave poller app. They are not on the list.


Here's the Rule:


I am in the middle of transitioning and do not yet have working sensors on the doors. (Iris Gen 1) I am up in the air about which sensor to get and am replacing the front door in a couple of months so am holding off because I may use the Sensative sensor but I don't know if it will fit in the new door..


My really old Aeotech contact sensor battery lasts soooo much longer than a SmartThings sensor.
If that helps any. :wink:


Am thinking Sensative or Aeotech 6


It bothers me that the Sensative batty is supposed to last for 10 years but they only replace the batty for three


Honestly, I'd go with Aeotech. From what I have read, even the Iris Gen 2 contact sensor is better than the Sensative ones.

Don't use the contact sensor in the rule then. Do it on [Lock] locked. That should allow you to poll the device just the same.


Tried my version of this with no luck


That is what I did. Still the same. The tile just sits there grayed out


Does the device page read status correctly and not the tile maybe?


Only after I click refresh on the device page



Hmm that looks like a Triggered Rule?
I wonder if making it just a Trigger would change it...?


No difference