Lock Codes, Modes, and Scenes

We have a short-term rental property that I want to use 3 codes to set the house in different modes. Basically a code/mode/scene for each scenario. So I enter my code and the house mode turns to home and activates a door entry scene. If my renter uses their code, it sets to house mode "guest" and activates only minor things like turning all outlets on. If the cleaner enters their code, it sets house mode to "Cleaners" and activates a scene that turns all lights in house to full brightness.

What's the cleanest way to do this? I can built triggers and conditions in RM, just looking for a straw man of cleanest/most reliable, considering it needs to work 100% of the time and I'm dealing with less than forgiving folks in both situations lol..

One aspect of using different modes (at least in initial theory here) is to have the lock button on the lock turn off all the lights for cleaners and me, but not for guests. I was thinking I could use the mode as a condition for the lock button trigger that scene/action group.

So in the end I figured I could use these modes:

  • Home
  • Night
  • Vacant
  • Cleaners
  • Guests


To get what you want, a Rule Machine rule (or a custom app) is probably your only option, since I can't think of any built-in apps that can do exactly that. On the "reliablity" side, I'd be far more concerned about the lock than any app/automation you set up on the Hubitat side. Depending on what lock you have, some are notorious for not communicating well with the hub (old Schlage locks come to mind), so if you don't get that, your rule--or any app, so again this part doesnt really matter--won't see the event, and nothing will happen. If this happens--or if you're concerned about it happening--perhaps you'll want to add a second way to make some of these changes happen, like a tablet with Dashboard or a button device (e.g., a Pico if you have Lutron) ... just in case.

It souds like you may also want to make sure your lock reliably reports phyiscal vs. digital lock events. I don't believe Rule Machine lets you access that information natively even if it does, though there are some workarounds I've seen here that don't involve full-on using a custom app for the entire automation. But again, if this doesn't happen, you're unlikely to get something reliable: you'll get a "locked" event regardless of whether it came from the inside or the outside, so this extra information is important (but not something all locks report, and again possibly not reliably).

So ... I'd recommend testing things out multiple times with your lock before you go too far down this path. :slight_smile: Otherwise, it does seem like it should work--but, again, I think the lock is likely to be the biggest concern here.

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Thanks - this is helpful and agree with your points on the lock being the most vulnerable aspect.

Any ideas how to trigger from the lock button being pressed (the "Schlage" logo on my BE469)? It triggers an event on the device called "Front Door Deadbolt was locked by keypad [physical]" but I can't figure out how to leverage this as a trigger or condition in the RM for leaving the house.
As I have it now, it shuts everything down every time its locked, even if just turned from the inside.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I don't think RM can access this data from the event. A custom app could, and some people seem to have had luck with a couple different solutions in this thread that may get you what you want:

I haven't used any of them so can't speak to any particular solution. It's also possible your lock may not reliably report this information all of the time, even if it does sometimes--just a warning. :smiley:

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webCoRE will let you use the event description as a condition, and like @bertabcd1234 mentioned above it’s reasonably easy to write a custom app to get the event descriptiom to do things.

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