Lock code wont send notifications

for some reason when I use the Parent code, I do not get a notification, I also want HSM to turn off (Have not added that yet) but its not triggering.. am I doing something wrong, this should be super simple..

Edit: if I run actions, I get the notification to happen.

There's a bug with more than one lock being part of a trigger. If you set each lock up with it's own rule, it will probably work.

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[quote="[BUG] [] Multiple Locks as Trigger for RM 5.1, post:1, topic:98078"]
M 5.1 rule that I've been using for quite a while that recently stopped working. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure which version it stopped in, but I think it was around the time I upgraded to The original rule was written f

That seemed to have worked for the Mudroom.. Ok, I will just make a copy for the 3 doors .. hope it gets fixed soon

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