[BUG] [] Multiple Locks as Trigger for RM 5.1

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I have an RM 5.1 rule that I've been using for quite a while that recently stopped working. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure which version it stopped in, but I think it was around the time I upgraded to

The original rule was written for my alarm, so I'm not going to post it, but I have recreated the problem with a simple rule to turn on a light with any lock code.

With this rule, the event for the lock code is logged, but the rule is not triggered.

Same results if I only have two locks listed as well.

But, if I go down to a single lock:

This is a known bug with Any Lock Code triggers. It is fixed in the next release.


Copy. Thanks for the quick reply!

just ran into this, glad I was not loosing my mind.

I am on the beta channel, I assume that will be coming soon also.
thank you

Is there a bug for single code triggers too?

Not that I know of, those should work.

After thinking about this and what I did to get around it, it doesn't look like the bug is just "any lock code" but more around having multiple locks as trigger. My rule is set to an "any lock code" from a single lock and works fine. It wasn't until I had more than one lock that I had issues.


Not sure if the embedded pics will work but here is one rule I had for the front and back doors. I had them as one rule with the trigger being lock code entered on front or back doors but it stopped working at some point. So I saw this post and separated the rules so each had one trigger. Still no dice on the notification.

You should turn on logging for the rule and test it again. See what the rule is actually doing.