[BUG] [] Multiple Locks as Trigger for RM 5.1

@bravenel @bobbyD

I have an RM 5.1 rule that I've been using for quite a while that recently stopped working. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure which version it stopped in, but I think it was around the time I upgraded to

The original rule was written for my alarm, so I'm not going to post it, but I have recreated the problem with a simple rule to turn on a light with any lock code.

With this rule, the event for the lock code is logged, but the rule is not triggered.

Same results if I only have two locks listed as well.

But, if I go down to a single lock:

This is a known bug with Any Lock Code triggers. It is fixed in the next release.


Copy. Thanks for the quick reply!

just ran into this, glad I was not loosing my mind.

I am on the beta channel, I assume that will be coming soon also.
thank you

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