Local Dashboard: 'No response from hub' when Internet is offline

Clicking on Dashboards on the Hub menu gives the usual list of dashboards.
Selecting the little House button for Local dashboard links seems to work..well at least there is no error displayed.
Clicking on a Dashboard gives a long delay, and then a blank page with the message:

"No response from hub".

Ever since the remote access feature has been released, accessing my hubs has been more and problematic. And thats when the internet is working. When the internet is offline, the hub slows to a crawl - at least from a UI perspective its unclear to me if that also affects processing and messaging / I/O - and the dashboards are not working at all.

Local LAN access and independence from the cloud should be a priority - this has always been the ethos that attracts many of us to the Hubitat platform - but now those of us using the system in an internet-challenged country find ourselves 2nd class citizens. :disappointed:

It looks to me like your hub is maxed out doing something. Your local dashboards should work fine without any Internet connection. Anything in the logs? What do the status logs show? Any run away apps or devices taking loads of compute power? Any power monitoring going on with a too high frequency?

i've had a brief look at the logs, but this only happens when the internet is down, and then miraculously stops when the internet comes back, so it seems that an intrinsically misbehaving device is not the issue, more that the hub is now trying/relying on the internet connection and its causing the UI to freeze or something. i get that annoying blank screen error half the time i try to access my dashboards now..especially from the phone - its flaky to be honest and i'm suspicious that these changes to enable remote support have had an unexpected side effect of impacting the hub while offline.

You should not be running any device with a 169.254.x.x address. That's a self assigned number given when the DHCP server is down/unreachable. It sounds like your router is the problem.

You can...

Reboot/reset/replace your router
Set DCHP reservation (may not work if router is messed up)
Set static IP address on the hub (search forum for how to)

hi there, yep i know what that address is/means.
the hub is dhcp reserved, and its address has never wavered from what it should be.
i've been seeing this msg since the remote access/subscriptions stuff appeared in the UI.

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I don't have remote access but I don't turn on my VPN to access my hub when I am home connecting to the same subnet. Maybe that's your issue. Can you just turn off remote access at home?

hi @Navat604 thanks for the suggestion..but not sure what you're suggesting?
i'm not using VPN, especially for accessing my hub from my home LAN.
when i mention remote access, i'm referring to the Hubitat Remote Access Feature recently rolled out.

Summit a ticket and maybe support can look deeper into your issue Tagging @bobbyD

As for VPN. Remote access is basically a VPN into your home network remotely. Many of the members on this community running their own VPN server for accessing their home network and hubs.

thanks for the BobbyD tag @Navat604 , yes I also run a VPN server for remote access.
Which is why I don't use the Hubitat remote access service.

But this is not the issue, I'm talking about a LAN connected PC talking to a Hubitat hub on the same LAN via its native IP address. No VLANs/routers/VPNs/fireWalls/physicalWalls/Proxies in the middle.
I can't even blame the wifi, this is cat.6 1GE LAN.

when internet WAN is down, it goes pear-shaped, despite LAN communications being unaffected.
when internet is back, voila its back to its happy self...

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It's possible you are using the cloud link instead of local link?

well this aspect is part of my whinge at the bottom of the original post,.
In my opinion the Dashboard should default to Local LAN links. But they don't, no matter what I do the Dashboard screen (which shows all the available Dashboards ) seems to default to cloud links. At least there should be the option to choose which Dashboard links (LAN or cloud) I would like to default to.
So in terms of WAF (and me) factor:
I have a 'House overview' dashboard on my HA tablet. To view other devices, the user path is to click on the little House emblem at the top left to view the available Dashboards, and click on to desired Dashboard.
Now, if you forget the extra step of clicking on the little House at the top right of the available Dashboards screen, you end up trying to access a cloud dashboard, which of course fails when the internet is down, and after a timeout delay ends up with the error message in the post 1.

The main part of the issue I was raising, is that the hub (just UI? or processing as well?) slows to a crawl when the internet is down.

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There are a few things going on here.

  1. You can access local dashboard instead of cloud dashboard at home devices. Just get the link in the dashboard app.

  2. I am not really clear about remote access. Are you running your own VPN server such as wireguard or openvpn or are you paying for remote access with hubitat?

  3. Your phone won't be able to access your local dashboard when you are not connecting to your local network unless you are using remote access or VPN.

  4. You won't be able to connect to your cloud dashboard when your internet is down when your phone is not connected to your local network.

That I have seen this as well. When not given internet access (firewalled) I can see it trying to 'phone home' and then slowing down when it cannot. Not sure why that is.

Haven't read the earlier posts, but I had some success with:

a) turning off the mobile data on my phone
and / or
b) setting up a local DNS on a rpi and referencing that in my routers settings C7

My hub has no reason to access the internet except for the HUB OS and sending a notification via Twilio.

Today I pulled the ethernet cable from my modem.

I could access a dashboard via local connection.
Operate the UI with no perceptible slowing down (not that is was all that fast to begin with).

How long has it sat without? I've only seen it after a some time (maybe week or 2). We mostly only notice it when automation start lagging, then it needs a reboot.

I see. My test was very short. I don't think my wife and I could live w/o internet for a week :slight_smile:


phew. its not just me :slight_smile:

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So, sysop, how do we go about fixing this?

My Habitat has performed exactly like this, dead if the internet is out, despite a valid LAN.

I switched to an EERO Pro mesh network recently, not sure if that affected my system.

I suspect that your viewing device (i.e. phone, tablet, etc.) is not seen as being on the same subnet as the hub. What are you showing for an IP on your viewing device and the hub?