Local Dashboard: 'No response from hub' when Internet is offline

I just started having EXACTLY the same issue with my dashboards on LAN when accessing from my desktop (web interface). I have to click on the "house" icon before clicking on a dashboard. If I don't do that, I get a message "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at"
Not a Firefox issue, the same on Chrome.
I have no problems accessing the dashboards from the phone app, only when using the web interface.

So I've recently found that I have a similar problem. Maybe for longer than I realised as my internet is reliable.

If my internet is up, local network access to the hub works fine. If I pull the pull the internet cord from the router it seems to still momentarily work, then a few seconds (maybe half a minute) later I can't connect to the hub through local access.

I have no vpn. I have a reserved ip for the hubitat hub. I am connected on the same subnet (all 192.168.1.#)... I can't connect through app or browser on local ip to the hub.

Access is otherwise normal when the internet is up, through local dashboards, local access to hub through app, and access through browser on local ip. Also can access my dashboards through the cloud.

How are you trying to access your hub? Mobile App, Browser? If browser via direct IP, hubitat.local, or???

Through app, through browser. Both have problems. All using local ip address. Same for hubitat.local...

Local ip to hub works when internet is up, doesn't when down.

My hdhomerun works fine though for my Android tv devices when the internet is down.

Although I've now found that access to 192.168.10. 1 (my modem) doesn't work from my mobile.. Neither does (Orbi router) when the internet is down. So seems I have other challenges. Hmm.

Unless I plug into my modem directly I never see it. Couple to questions to start as it sounds like your network is possibly the real issue. Is the Orbi set as the Gateway and DHCP server or is the modem? Is the Orbi in Router Mode or AP Mode?

The Orbi is. I have swapped my modem over to another one I had here and it's now all working as expected.. I had planned to do this as the modem I've connected now has higher link speeds over my aging tplink.

Not sure what it was. Everything worked fine until the internet went down so I guess that is the clue. New router/modem with the Orbi as the only router in my network. works.. Guess I had something wrong on the old setup and didn't realise.

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