Litter Robot users - what litter do you recommend?

Just ordered two Litter Robot 4s and am looking forward to integrating them with Hubitat.

For those of you like these things, what litter do you use?

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Dr. Elsey's Ultra seems to be the best for our cat. My Wife has probably tried 6 or so brands. The main reason this one has been a keeper for us is the cat would scatter litter out of the box while covering things up or track out on his feet.

Very little litter ever on the outside of the litter robot now. I recognize this flaw is mostly in the cat, but the litter change finally worked.


I second Dr. Elsy's. We have used Arm & Hammer as well. The only problem there is it's a bit hard to pour the box into the globe. Shortly before we got out Litterbot (I named it the Sh**terbot 3000 in the app) my wife bought this neater scoop thing. I use the cup from that to pour the litter into to fill the bot. Also. word of advice. Don't skimp on the litter. You need to fill it to the top of the ring our you will start getting all kinds of faults. No idea why but once I stopped being cheap and started filling it correctly I have far fewer issues.

We have 4 cats between 1 and 18 years using it, and basically I have to change the bag once a day.

haha not with my messy boys... and the two younger ones like to play in it... they are weirdos...

bad news there. the hubitat integration is currently broken. Litter Robot Manager app - :gear: Custom Apps and Drivers - Hubitat


The Home Assistant integration works well, supports the LR4 and LR3 (Dominic Meglio’s LR port only supports - or did - LR3), and is easily brought into Hubitat through HADB.

And, yes, my vote is for Dr. Elsey’s Ultra, too, for the reasons discussed above. Thor and Loki like it, too.


I don't have Home Assistant, and have been hesitant to go down that rabbit hole, seems like it's a lot of work. Would this work?

Yes. But even the newer/cheaper Home Assistant Green will work. Especially for a cloud-only integration like the Litter Robot.


Yes. My Home Assistant is running on HA Yellow platform. I was motivated to get one just to see what motivated Dominic Meglio to leave Hubitat. Only thing I have running on it is the Litter Robot integration plus an Aeotec Z-Pi 7 to test devices.


And that run on a POE splittter?

I don’t know. It has been announced very recently. But I would guess that it can.

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Maybe if we buy @thebearmay a cat he'll develop a new integration ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I'm pretty sure the current king of house would probably object to any potential competition.


Ouch, you don’t have to twist my arm so hard! In all seriousness, I had resisted home assistant because I heard it was rather complex to set up. If green really is a turn key option, that removes the only thing that was holding me back.

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Blue, Yellow, and Green are all very simple to setup. For cloud interactions, Green is sufficient. If you have esoteric zigbee devices, Yellow is a good option to integrate them with Hubitat.

Hmm maybe we have to get you a litter robot on loan then :joy::cat2:

I think the biggest issue between the three is if I can use a Poe splitter. From a future proofing perspective yellow may be the way to go.i was just hesitant to get involved in adding that card for the poet option.

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The Yellow comes in a version that is already PoE ready - so you wouldn't even need a splitter. That's not the version of the Yellow that I have, but there are others here who have the PoE version of the Yellow.

PoE without needing a splitter is an orderable board option for Yellow. Green appears to be a stripped down Yellow but with microSD card and HDMI connector. Yellow has the circuit board traces (and circuitry) for the HDMI and SD, just no connectors, even though the schematics show the HDMI and SD connector. I suspect that the HDMI and SD connector were used to bring up the prototypes. Someone with @lewis.heidrick’s skill and soldering equipment could add HDMI and microSD connections to the traces on the Yellow board.

Unlike the Yellow, the Green does not have an option for on-board PoE. Even if the Green had been available earlier this year, I still would have gotten the Yellow and the Z-Pi 7.

When I was looking at it last night, it looked like it's actually a kit, and you need to assemble the components. Am I wrong?

If it's some assembly required,, Does the Poe chip on the yellow need to be soldered? Or does it just snap in place? My soldering skills are pretty much just leaving a blob of solder somewhere. Another question (clearly I have never dealt with Rpi) how do you conned it to a monitor, and does it stay that way? All of my stuff is in a closet seperste from my work area.

It’s a different board SKU. You can’t just order an addition to put on. It’s the splitter circuitry that is missing.

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See that yellow looks a lot more involved that I have skills for. Brings me back to the green, and the original question,. Can I run it on a POE splitter? I don't have a whole lot of options for plugging things into outlets where this stuff is, I guess the only way I would know is to try it.