Litter Robot deterministic method for detecting Full/Will No Longer Cycle

Using dcmeglio's port of Nathan Spencer's Hubitat Litter robot driver here: GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-litterrobot: Litter-Robot integration for Hubitat I was trying to find a way to deterministically figure out when the Drawer Full Indicator was really full and no longer will cycle.

I realized that the lastStatusCode attribute, which was missing for the driver, changed to DF1 when the DFI was hit the first time, DF2 when it cycles after it's full, and DFS when it will no longer cycle. So I edited line 71 of the driver and added this:

Now I have a rule with a trigger of DFS. Since I have 6(!!) cats, I'd really only like to know when the 2 litter robots are actually full. My rule lists this as a condition now:

I now have an alert when the Litter Robot will not cycle any longer, since I've seen the DF1 code with the drawerLevel at anywhere from 95-125. DFS always means it will no longer cycle and must be cleaned.

Hope this helps someone out. :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of cat poop. Probably a pull request is needed to @dman2306 to get this added to the production driver.

Edits and PR have been submitted. :slight_smile: Hopefully @dman2306 reviews and incorporates them. :slight_smile:

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I don't see any PR?

Try now? @dman2306


:scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat: :scream_cat:

Yes, so many kittehs.

Looks like @dman2306 merged my PR request - Deterministic Litter Robot full/excessively full/will not cycle states for all! :bear::tada:

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I’m still waiting for Thor and Loki to fill the bag so I can test the increased (10 sec) delays in the Litter Drawer monitor to see if it fixes the issue reported by @forlornlawngnome:

Changes are slow to test because the cats can only produce a limited amount of poop per day.

I will say, I have two litter boxes and both of them are reporting "cyclesAfterDrawerFull " to be the exact same as "cycleCount". Now, my husband fully admits it could be the sensors are dirty and just always think they are close to full? But it style cycles, and it says "RDY" for state.

Even when I manually cycle, hit the "Reset" button and reset the drawer level, it starts both at the same count.

No, the drawer is not actually full :smiley: . If you have suggestions for things I can debug with, I'm happy to help with some debugging. I haven't dug into the code yet to see where it gets those values from

I wonder if the Litter Robot firmware is updatable. You can view the firmware level in the mobile app.

“Remote” icon, lower right corner

Firmware Version (third choice down)

Follow instructions:

Firmware version could definitely be the issue. I don't actually have that option for either of my boxes

One of them was actually before they had the connect and we upgraded it with the upgrade kit. The other one was a first generation connect, so maybe it just doesn't have those features?

What are you solving for? If you want to know whether the Litter Robot is full, check lastStatusCode for DF1 for the first trip, DF2 for the cycle after the trip, or ultimately DFS if it enters "will not cycle" mode. Unless you're doing statistics on how many times it will cycle, the last changes I made to the driver that are now merged give you a deterministic way to know whether or not the litter robot itself believes it is full

And, if you installed the app and driver with Hubitat Package Manager, you just check for updates and let it do its thing.

Bawhaahaaa! :rofl:

Looks like you have an Android mobile app, whereas I have the iOS version. Is your app up-to-date?

App is up to date and I installed it on my iPad yesterday to check. Same screen for both boxes

That’s odd. Here is what I see on my iPad:

You are using the Litter Robot Connect app from the Apple App Store, right? It doesn’t look like you are using the AutoPets Connect app, which has a slightly different interface.

iPad Litter Robot App: v 1.3.4 (build 59)
(from the Settings page in app)
512 GB iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPadOS 14.4

Anyway, I can’t explain why you are seeing the counts that you are. You might just want to change your rules to Use DF1, DF2, and DFS now that @Bear has updated the driver for that.

Thor and Loki keep pooping, I should be able to test the cyclesAfterDrawerFull reset later this weekend.


I am using the Litter Robot Connect app on the iPad. It looks the exact same as on android for me, doesn't have the wifi or version buttons. I am guessing that the firmware is super old on them and maybe doesn't have those features. I know when I went to change the wifi I had to completely remove the box and re-discover it like it was brand new.

I will just update the rules to use the DF1 etc

@forlornlawngnome and @Bear, you are both right. Rather than double posting, see my results back in the original Litter Robot thread.

Dominic Meglio (@dman2306), who ported the Litter Robot driver from SmartThings, says his cats refuse to use the Litter Robot. He may have insight into resetting the DFI flag that I overlook, but I'm going to investigate further. Thor and Loki keep pooping, and they really like the Litter Robot. Thanks, Dominic, for your port.

Do you have the symptom of a bad DFI sensor? Namely, after you reset everything, after you cycle just once, it goes immediately to 'drawer full' and blue light blinks? This seems to be a common failure and is solved by replacing the DFI sensors.

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