List of Good Zigbee Repeaters

being as these repeaters are Zigbee, they should work globally, right? I'm in Australia and need a good Zigbee repeater (I'm using the US frequency for all my Z-Wave stuff).

Zigbee is a 'global' standard with the same frequency worldwide.


Ordered - thanks

I just grabbed a couple off FleaBay and I'm in Sydney.

Anyone know if this is any good? Who couldn't use more USB ports in the house and they look pretty compact when compared to the larger outlet they make. Only drawback one might find is the loss of a plug. I don't use all of my plugs anyway.

If anyone is looking for these in the US, @kv1 found them on too.

However, these are not UL/CUL or CSA certified. CE is a self-certification, so these have not necessarily gone through the same testing rigors.

There’s loads of comments on the forum about these guys being good, short range zigbee repeaters.
I don’t understand what your saying here- [quote="JonL, post:15, topic:8324"]
Only drawback one might find is the loss of a plug. I don't use all of my plugs anyway.
What plugs don’t you use ?
Do you mean that you don’t use all the available power outlets on you walls ?
Who does ? LOL

You can also plug those Trådfri repeaters into USB ports in TV’s and computers as they just need power and come apart from the mains adapter. :+1:t3:

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What an unusual situation.
The Tradfri Ikea repeater is cheaper in Canada than it is in the U.S.
What's going on?

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US trade tariffs?

Hey guys,
I just received one of these Zigbee On/Off Controllers which I'm wanting to utilise as a "repeater" so I'll be interested to see what it does when it's inserted into my Zigbee mesh.
First impression (I'm currently at work) is that it's quite small at 80x40x20mm and that I should be able to modify it to provide an isolated contact. see images below where I'd cut tracks "Red X" and make a single join "Green line".
Not that I'm going to do that with this one...but I have other plans..... he he he
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Nice little cable clamps which are push to release.

Got the repeater wired into place this arvo. It paired easily and it looks to be routing the 1st sensor that I hoped it would (an Iris motion).
I removed the Iris motion sensor from Hubitat, then turned it off for 30 minutes before re-pairing it. It had been inconsistently working and I suspect it is too far from the Hubitat hub.

Parent child parameters 29/06/2019 (2.30pm)

EzspGetParentChildParametersResponse [childCount=5, parentEui64=0000000000000000, parentNodeId=65535]

Child Data
child:[Bi-Fold Door, ACAF, type:EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE]
child:[IRIS Keypad, 2358, type:EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE]
child:[Master Bedroom Motion, A667, type:EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE]
child:[External Temp. Sensor, BC02, type:EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE]
child:[Front Door Sensor, E5B1, type:EMBER_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE]

Neighbor Table Entry
[Repeater #1, 81BE], LQI:221, age:4, inCost:5, outCost:7
[Lounge Wall Washer, AAE4], LQI:254, age:7, inCost:1, outCost:0

Route Table Entry
status:Active, age:64, routeRecordState:0, concentratorType:None, [Repeater #1, 81BE] via [Repeater #1, 81BE]
status:Active, age:64, routeRecordState:0, concentratorType:None, [Cupboard Motion, 3A97] via [Repeater #1, 81BE]

Happy days of monitoring the performance to come. :+1:

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silly question, but are the UK version of the Tradfri repeaters the same as the US ones ?
I guess zigbee is zigbee so it should be right.

Yep, same same, the world over.


I've gone with these Australian zigbee plugs, a little easier/more portable than hard wiring those switches.

"Nue ZigBee Smart Outlet Socket Plug"

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hi all,

Im also in the uk and looking to get good coverage for zigbee zwave and wifi and then get a hubitat to bring it together.

currently have hue and bridge , smarthings sensors and hub and nest and loads of google minis and google home .

i was really interested in the smarthings wifi . as i am in a bungalow putting a mesh into the loft feels like the best solution . but

can get smarthings wifi mesh in uk and doesmit work well with hubitat

is there something better

i dont want a bunch of plugs as repeaters in the loft ..

thoughts ?

Nice. Since the current non-Zigbee 3.0 Xiaomi do not follow the Zigbee 1.2 spec, they are not compatible with all repeaters. Do you have Xiaomi devices? Can you confirm if the ones you have are compatible repeaters? Asking for friends :wink:

zigbee 3.0

For those of you in EU with socket type f (Sweden, Germany, Netherlands etc) I can highly recommend Innr SP 120 outlet which is a good Zigbee repeater and also have power measurement.

I have all my in-wall dimmers (Ubisys & Sunricher), IKEA lamps, HUE lamps & sensors, Xiaomi devices, Innr & Osram outlets, Iris Keypad & sensors connected directly to the hub without any problems. Zigbee is rock solid thanks to my Innr outlets which are spread around the house and have been on any hub actually, And as a side note my hub is in a closed closet in the far end corner of my house so it's all about the mesh!

Z-Wave on the other hand is another sorry story even though have have dozens of mains powered devices also all over the house...

Where did you get these logs from? I also want to see what my repeaters are doing but not sure where to get this detailed information from (Zigbee Logs provide a much more limited logging compared to what you have)

Have you tried your mod to create a dry relay on of the OnOff controller? I also have a couple of use cases for an isolated contact.

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