Linking two hubitat hubs

Ok. Let’s hope for the best. :slight_smile:

I'm struggling to get my two hubitats to cooperate. I've got hublink installed on both, I've got the send hub events app (with mentioned substitutions) on my slave hubitat pointed at my master hubitat, and I can see the devices in my device list.

however when I try to control it by turning the lights on or off from the master hub nothing happens. I can readily control the switch from my slave hub.

any thoughts?

It was a while ago that I set this up and I didn’t use it for long
If I remember correctly it is one-way so will only send instructions (e.g switch on) from one hub to another.
Is that what you were trying to achieve?


Hmmm. No I’m trying to control the slave from the master.

Think of it this way...
This was originally designed to send events from Smartthings to Hubitat
So the code @bravenel posted in this thread should go on your ‘master’
(After the usual port alterations)

That way, events are sent from the master to the slave


We have a solution for this in the works. I'm not sure what you're doing with the app intended for ST on the Hubitat side, so can't help you there.

If this is something you really need to do, we could release our solution soon.

Yes, please do release your solution, I would like to explore this capability too.

Next release.

That would be awesome!

I think my z-wave network has too many devices over too long a distance. But i’ve got Ethernet run everywhere!

This has been released in the new release: Hub Update 1.1.3

Also see this post Link to Hub - Beta

@bravenel can you run two Hubitat hubs independent of each other on same network?

when you say "Network" -- same network, do you mean ethernet or are you asking about ZWave Network?

You probably could have two (or more) on the same ZWave network BUT it doesn't work the way most people would expect.

You are probably hoping that a 2nd hub on the same network could "load balance" or be a failover if one should die. Not gonna happen. :frowning:

ZWave does not support that. ZWave does use "Secondary Controller" in their offering but it is not what most people think. A secondary Controller in ZWave speak is able to speak for the primary controller during an Include. That's pretty much all the good it can do. :frowning:

If you join a second hub to the primary, what you get is the ability for TWO controllers to issue commands that only ONE ever sees. So, yes, both hubs can turn that light on or off, but they will probably never know the correct status. It gets worse with sensors. Each sensor (door, motion, leak, etc.) only knows of the primary to send status. Therefore, automations on the second hub, don't work well.

I've had 5 hubs from different manufacturers all on the same ZWave network. I know all the problems.

I started with a Staples Connect and quickly ran into the usual closed hub dilemma: can't keep up with the onslaught of new devices. I then added an Aeon Z-Stick plugged into a MacMini running OpenRemote. It allowed me to create "better" automations and I worked around the lack of accurate status. Then I wanted to add a Linear Garage Door opener and neither Staples or OpenRemote had support for it. Iris did and SmartThings (via the community) did. So I added a SmartThings to my ZWave network. Then I thought Wink would be good and added it. Finally I added Hubitat.. for a total of 5. Today, I have only one powered up. Hubitat.

I was thinking of using my second HUB (without the USB stick) to strictly run all third party apps on it. Things like Influxdb etc.... So that the main HUB won't take a dump if the third party apps take a dump. Is anyone using it in this configuration yet?

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I was thinking to buy a third hub for this very reason. (use my second for testing etc)
But.. as almost all my apps are my customs, not much point :slight_smile:

I started with the same notion, my 2nd hub would be for only the risky stuff. It's pretty difficult to maintain that wall.

All my "good stuff" is on the primary and thus I either have to expose everything on the primary to the secondary JUST so I can run Homebridge? Yes, Link to Hub is native but 100% is a big load to ship to the secondary.

ABC is another. I could use only Button Controller, but...

InfluxDB is one of the tools that really want 100% of the hub's events. Link to Hub and Homebridge both do that too. For me, I've greatly limited Homebridge to ONLY physical devices. That's all I really care about on the Home App. Dozens of events a day vs thousands.

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I got a second hub because some of my stuff was borderline on range from the first hub. Since I got the second hub I've moved devices to the new hub and basically split my house North and South. The original hub I have runs all my rules and what not with the 2 hubs linked to share devices.

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Ah, if only we could run a 'compute only'; hub as a VM... :wink:

Certainly can.

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Thanks all for the reply. @csteele I ran all the hubs that you mention also and still run Smartthing but just took down my Wink 2 hub. I was asking because I have a garage that sit away from my house. I ran an Ethernet cable there to get good internet coverage and was really thinking about putting a second Hubitat Hub there to just run my garage and Z-wave sensors or Zigbee sensors to offload to a different hub. I really like Hubitat better than Smartthing and slowly moving away from them. Thanks for all that reply it was informative. What a great community.

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