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I will look at it.

What's the arrangement? Where's the real device, Link to Hub hub? So need control back from other hub?

yes, real device is on the โ€˜link to hubโ€™ hub and I want to control it from the โ€˜hub linkโ€™ hub.

How about support for sirens (& strobes)? Now that I've split the system across 2 hubs, I'm finding a need to activate sirens from either hub. I'm using the switch capability for the moment.


@bravenel While we are at it, I'm going to make a request. One of the things I most want to share right now are the Ring Floodlights from my ST hub. They are odd in that they have a motion sensor and a switch. When I select them from both categories (motion and switch) a virtual device is created in HE but only for motion. I was expecting two virtual devices but I guess there is a 1 device to 1 device relationship to keep things simple.

I either need that to change or I need a virtual device that is a motion sensor and a switch I think.

The only thing I can suggest in the short run is to create a virtual device on the ST side for the switch, and use an app there to synchronize the virtual switch to the real switch. Then include the motion sensor as a motion sensor, and the virtual switch as a switch. I think SmartLighting should be able to do the synchronization for you, so when the real switch turns on, it turns on the virtual switch.

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@bravenel Any chance we could run a second instance of Link to Hub?

Not as it's designed. What's the need?

I currently have a bulb hub that mainly has bulbs but has a few other devices and my main hub that has most of my z-wave and zigbee devices (with the exception of bulbs). Currently I have hub link and link to hub sharing a few devices between both hubs.

I have been having issues with slow downs on my main hub that exhibits after aproximately 5 days of system uptime. In trying to isolate the issues I would like to move automations and chattier devices over to a new 3rd hub).

I appreciate your consideration and fully understand if this is a time consuming request to have it shot down. I realize the community Hub Connect application probably would fill this void, however I have been trying to hold off on additional 3rd party applications while I stabilize my current environment.

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Thanks @csteele and @srwhite. I went ahead and installed HubConnect today. Very nice work on the app and documentation.

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Welcome to the multi-hub club!

Glad you have everything up and running.

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