Link to Hub

Are you referring to virtual switches or dimmers? These can certainly be selected in Link to Hub. Or, is it some other type of virtual device?

A reboot fixed this. Of me not the Hub.

I was looking for a specific device name and had the two hubs roles reversed. Duh. All works as expected

What do you do to link a siren? All of my rules are built in the Master Hub and I have a siren connected in the remote hub as the buildings are disconnected and its too far for z-wave to carry the signal.

I don't have a siren to test but it may be a type that does not pass over Link to Hub. Are you able to virtualize it? --> have an event on the Master Hub, turn on/off a virtual switch? Then allow Link to Hub to the Second hub. A Rule there tests the virtual switch and turns on the siren.

@csteele That's kinda what I figured I would do. But wanted to make sure there wasn't something I was missing.


Can I rename those virtual devices? Like adding a special character to make all of them go to the end of the list. By the way, it would be great to have a device view where I can only see real devices, virtual devices or all, instead of all only


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You should be able to change the LABEL field of any device without impacting anything negatively. If the Label field is defined, it is used for all display purposes, including sorting by name on the Devices page.

I was worried of messing something because it's already modified by the hub

My guess is that the Device Network ID is what is actually used by the pair of Apps.

Ok I added Zzz_ before the vs_Living Room Wax, now is Zzz_vs_Living Room Wax and it works. Thanks.

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Just hooked up a couple of z-wave garage door openers and there doesn't seem to be an option to link those to my other hub. i can select them as a contact sensor or multi sensor, but not as a garage door. As such, I cannot activate them.


What is the capability of this device? Are you wanting to send these between two Hubitat hubs?

There are actually a number of device types that won't link to other hubs... I would have thought a garage door opener would, but guess not.

I wish that ANY device type could replicate between hubs. It would truly make it possible to use one hub for user programs, and one for inputs, etc. Until I can do abstract devices (like thermostats), the link just isn't much use to me.

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I need facts that you have but I don't. What is the driver you are using?

It should be straight forward to add more supported devices. Thermostats are on the to-do list.

We're talking about the native Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Driver. It is not selectable within Link to Hub except as a Contact Sensor. Obviously, then, it shows on the other hub as a Virtual Contact Sensor. We're looking for it to be bi-directional, similar perhaps to a Lock. Second choice would be a switch.

exactly. its the native garage door driver.

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@bravenel How would you recommend doing a device like a Jasco Z-Wave Motion Switch or Jasco Z-Wave Motion Dimmer? Those need switch (on/off), dimmer (for the dimmer model), and motion...

Or a GE Z-Wave Plus switch dimmer with user driver that exposes the hardware doubletap ability?

Or sirens?

Or chromecast devices?

You get the idea. I just wish the link system when from Hubitat hub to Hubitat hub would really replicate the device. Look at the commands/attributes on the actual device, and mirror them. No extra junk, no missing junk.

We have looked into a more generalized linkage system than the current Link-to-Hub/Hub-Link pair. At this point in time, it's a feature that would be for the benefit a small number of customers. Priorities being what they are, it's not near the top of the list at this time. Sorry I can't give you a better response than that.

That makes sense, and I understand and respect that reasoning.

Unless more people really want to start segregating user code to a single hub, or having multiple hubs to separate out zigbee traffic, etc - then it is likely a small % of the user base that would use this, and it would be a lot of work to do.

back to the single request though... any hope for a Virtual Garage Door driver to match the native Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Driver ?

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