Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener acting up

I got reports in my log that my garage door was open and closed tonight about 10 times.
I have no automation to close the garage door, so I can’t blame rules.
I am using Hubitat generic driver.
Is anyone experiencing same problem?

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I can't seem to get both of mine working. PITA to finally get them to paired. Everything is showing as Alive but they won't respond to command to open or close. At one point one of them opened and closed fine. But now can't get it to do anything. Ran multiple zwave repair but no clue what's working what's not since that utility is seemingly useless.

You may need to open and close the garage door manually before it starts to work.
Does it say "zwaveSecurePairingComplete : true" in device data?

Mine resonds to command fine.
The part when it opens and closes by itself at night scares me.

Interesting mine does not say that

Then yours did not pair properly. Remove it. Reset controller. I believe you need to push side button 5 times fast. Then try to pair again.

Thanks. I broke down and took both openers into the house to do the pairing and this time it went fine. Previous few times, I ran a long cable out to the garage with the HUB in the garage near the openers. Not sure why its working now.

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Is the GD00Z-4 device supported? I found this thread but it's not listed on the wiki topic.

yes mine is working though I would not buy one again.
Had 2 but the tilt sensor fell off the door and I drove over it and you can not replace the tilt sensor so it is useless. replaced it with a mimolite and magnetic door sensor the other one is still working though.
I am not home but I believe I modified Rboy's garage door DH.

Thanks, mine has been working for several years without any issues....of course I didn't drive over the tilt sensor :wink:
Is your modified handler public?

no you need to to pay $35 lifetime access to Rboy site google smartThings Rboyapps and then you have to modify the DH to work with Hubitat (change physicalgraph in the DH to hubitat). I ended using a few of his DH to get some of my devices to work.
You may get your current DH to work once you modify it though.

Hubitat original driver works very well. No need to use any other.

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That's great to hear, if it works for me I will edit the Wiki to list it as compatible device.

Do you have a hubitat driver that works with a mimolite?

yes I think I used Hubitat's generic Zwave garage door opener for the mimolite . But I am out of town until next week to confirm which DH.

Now I noticed that I have additional issue. Garage door opens after hub reboot. Think started to happen after 2..x firmware came out...

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