Lights not staying off when all switches off

I have decided to have my kitchen track lights work independently, the track spots vs. the counter pendants.
To do this, I have 5 IKEA Tradfri GU10, and 4 IKEA Tradfri E26 (track and pendants)
To make them work as a group, I created two Room Lights, with GU10 in 1 and the Pendants in another. Both are activated by a virtual switch

and for the GU10:

(The Kitchen is actually controlling a Hue Group/Room, as the GU10 are connected through Hue, and the Pendant lights are directly in HE)(Trying to fix light reporting)

So, the RL settings work, for the most part, turning the different groups on and off.
The problem comes in when I turn both off - within 4 seconds all the lights turn back on, in both groups.
I cannot figure out what is worng with the configuration.
Assistance greatly appreciated.

Here is the log from me turning off the pendant group, track group already off.

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Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Is there someting In RL that is causing the lights to all go back on, once all turned off?
  2. Would Groups and Scenes be a better way to create light groups?

UPDATE: Even with RL paused, the issue is still there. I can turn each device off separately, and once all off they still will all turn back on. So frustrating!
UPDATE2: It looks as if the Hue Scene/App integration is turning the lights back on

So are the pendant lights connected to HE directly or though Hue then integrated?

Well, I have made some changes...
All lights are now directly connected to HE
I eliminated HUE
Still, problem persists once all turned off - they all turn on again.

Check the event log like you did before, it should give you a clue as to what is giving the on command. It is odd that the Off commands are coming from Maker API, do you have your virtual switches running something through MakerAPI and then an external rule engine or something?

So, I have even removed the virtual switches, and all RL instances they were involved with.
Just have a group for each set up in Groups and Scenes

Still, issue persists.
Will look at log and see what I can come up with.

One more note: the main switch for these devices is going to be replaced with a simple on/off toggle, but currently still going through a dimmer. Could this be part of the problem?

UPDATE: Definitely something in Maker.

Shows me turning off the last pendant light (all other pendants and tracks off), and then all coming back on

So, removed all lights (7 altogether) from MakerAPI.
Issue still perists.
Turn all lights off, and they all come back on. at strange levels too.

UPDATE: Could it be grouping?

Between the event log tab on the devices and the system logs you should be able to track down what is triggering the on commands. That was the main reason for adding the extra detail in the device event logs, to track down issues like this.

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I can't say precisely what the issue is, but here are a few things to think about:

You don't need to create virtual switches as Room Lighting does it for you when you fill out the 'Command with Activator Device' field. So you can probably get rid of them.

You should probably set the group status indicator (there are 2 choices) for Groups.

I don't know what system is on the other side of your Maker API. Make sure that system isn't doing anything to the devices.

Also, here is a thread about groups that may be useful

Grouping from what?

Show the In Use By section of the device page for Kitchen T, What is the driver for this device? What is app 19? Show the Events from that device, using the Events button on its device page.

app 19 is MakerAPI
Am still looking at other logs to see what I can pull

THis issue still persists, even though: every light is removed from Maker, no Room Light grouping are set up

I was not aware that adding an Activator actually created a device in the device table. Hence why I thought I had to create virtual switches

Just show the In Use By section of one of the device pages.

It looks like you might be using the light group that is made up by the lights themselves as a means to turn on the lights. If that is the case, the group may be registering as on causing them to turn back on. I made the mistake of trying to use the lights themselves (so that if one turned on, they would all turn on). That caused all kinds of weird issues. Thinking about it, that makes sense as it is a circular reference.

Try removing the group and the lights that are in the RL from the "means to activate" and the "means to turn off" and use only the activator. See if that doesn't fix it.

Thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions.
Still at a loss.
When I remove the lights from all functional apps (RL, Groups&Scenes), and turn them all off, they still all come on.
My next thing to try is to remove the dimmer switch that operates them, and replace with a simple on/off toggle.

Is there some reason that you won't follow the suggestions above about showing the In Use By for these devices? Like this:

No reason. I just don't see how it would make much of a difference.
Here it is:

Because something is causing this. The only thing that could be causing it is Maker API.

However, even when I remove all of those lights from MakerAPI, the issue is still there.
Now, granted, all lights are on the same track, if that makes a difference, and power is continually supplied.