Lights dimming Level not responding as expected with Dashboard tile

HI, So I have a bunch of Hue lights that I have as an Advanced Hue group... I have a bulb tile set for it in my Dashboard.... the level control is buggy/non-responsive when I set a level... it wont reliably change... I have tried this with the Dimmer tile as well with the same results...

Basically it seems all my light groups are laggy/buggy when trying to change levels.

Any Clues?


Is the response better from the device page? That will let us distinguish between a Dashboard issue from a general issue with that Hue device.

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Thx for the response!

...on the device page...I'm not even sure how it's suppose to work....Do I set a level then hit enter? or do I need to hit save preferences? either doesn't seem to respond at all.

I'm testing this with a Hubitat group I made as well with the same issues...

To run the command, put in any required values (marked with an asterisk), then click/tap the button to execute the command. In the case of "Set Level," the "Level" (desired brightness, 1-100) is the only required parameter, so just put something there (at least) and then hit the button.

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Thanks for this didn.t quite get that they were buttons

SO it appears to respond well on Device page..... For the advanced Hue group... but not so much on the dashboard.... The hubitat grouping doesn't appear to respond even to on/off via device page but responds via dashboard..but doesn't dim reliably

Video of the Dashboard behavior...

BTW Completely fresh non tweaked dashboard has the same behavior