Lighting Scenes get stuck

I keep searching, but I can't find an answer to this. I have 15 zigbee smart lights. I have been able to use scenes to get them to do different functions (dim, change color, turn off, etc.), but often when I switch scenes, then I can't switch back to another. Sometimes it takes several minutes for the scene to become available. On the app on my phone, the light bulb symbol for the scene just flashes for a while until it gets unstuck.

This is the first set of items I am trying to automate, so this is still very new to me.


One thing I would check is if there are errors in the logs when you try this - if so, could you post a screenshot in case someone in the community might notice something that they recognize?

Can you also post a screenshot of the configuration for the scene?

Not really sure what I am doing here, but here is a log for one of my lights. I don't know which one it is because they are listed by device driver type rather than device name.

You can see the current state where lights start to get out of sync.

I wonder if turning on “Enable activate optimization” would help?

Not sure what those errors you are seeing mean, but they may not be good - can you confirm that you are using the built-in “Advance Zigbee CT Bulb” driver - I am assuming that is the case since it is the name shown, but checking just in case…

You are using the old Scene app. It works, but you may want to migrate to the Room Lighting app as it meant to supersede the older Groups and Scenes apps. The name is a bit misleading as it does scenes and groups too.

It looks like you may want to review how your devices are labelled. The Device Label gets used in most places, including the logs. So that is where you would put 'Juno ##'. The Device Name can be 'Advanced Zigbee CT bulb' (or 'Juno ##').

If you are using all those bulbs in a group you should probably set them up as a group. You can use the group activator device in a scene (or other automation).

Here's the documentation for Room Lighting:

And some group specific information:

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I switched from the scene setup to the room lighting app. Still have the same problem with lights dropping off. Some come back, some don't. Different lights are affected over time. This app is much nicer to use, though! :slight_smile:

I started another thread with other connection problems, but I am still confused why I can turn a light on and then when I try to turn it off nothing happens. Sometimes it will work later and sometimes it won't work at all anymore.

But we can leave these issues to the other thread...

Thanks for the help!

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