Lighting Scene Activator virtual switch issue ? (doesn´t stay on)

I have been trying to use a Scene Activator virtual switch in a rule and then noticed that if I turn it on, it only briefly will show on, and then go back to off again. Only when I tap on for a second time will it stay in the On position. To be clear, the scene works whether it stays in the on position or not, but it means that I cannot perform any rules on the On position.

Do you also see this behavior and do you consider it a bug ?

What kind of devices do you have in the scene? I see this with any scene that involves CT or Color bulbs.

I have 3 IKEA GU10 bulbs with tunable white spectrum. I am not sure what CT means.

Ct means color temperature, aka tunable white...

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Color temp.

That is exactly the same thing that I reported months and months ago and it never got any traction. I even went back and created a separate topic on it after doing a bunch of testing.

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These aren't supported, nor are the color Ikea bulbs.

Sorry, forgot to say that the bulbs are on my Hue, only the scene is created in HE.

Same with mine. @mike.maxwell look at the post I linked to. I went through and captured a ton of screenshots showing the device status and the status reported in my scenes app.

Our hue integration doesn't translate ct or color commands to xy color comands which is all these bulbs support.
So without diving into the specifics he to hue color commands to these bulbs aren't going to work, and likewise hue to he color responses for these bulbs aren't going to work either.
This is likely the reason the scene switches are messed up.
We already have library code to convert hue saturation and level to xy, however going the other way has not proven to be in any way accurate.
Converting xy to color temperature in Kelvin appears to be impossible, but I don't have a PHD in math...

I don't know how the hue bridge deals with xy to color temp conversion for these bulbs, one of these days I'll have to play around and see.

Unfortunatly due to the time involved in this, it has been a back burner project.

I have ranted about the Ikea low budget color cluster implementation before, there is no free lunch as they say...

If someone smarter than me can deliver a formula to convert xy to color temp, I'd be happy to revive this effort.

If they are connected to Hue, isn't hue taking care of that Mike?

The question was about Scenes. Not the bulb.

Thanks for the explanation. For the most part I am happy about how the bulbs work with HE/Hue. They turn on/off and I can set them to the white spectrum. The only thing I couldn't do is to read the on or off position. I have worked around this by creating a Virtual Switch that I "turn on" when I run the scene, and thus I know if the scene is running and can use that in my rules.

Of course it would be better if I could directly reference the Scene itself and this workaround works for me now, but it would be more compact to rely on the scene directly.

Probably, but color commands and attributes wont be sent back and forth due to the xy issue, i suspect the lack of attribute changes for the color commands is whats messing up the scene switch.

Okay... Well, can you take a look at the post I linked to above? All the color and CT attributes match and it still won't recognize the scene as enabled. I can capture the scene, go to another screen and come back to scenes and it still won't show as active.

If you have a scene that doesnt involve the hue bridge and or Ikea bulbs does it work correctly?
Ie using a real and or virtual color bulb joined to Hubitat?
Just trying to reduce the problem set here...

I don't use scenes, so I'm not much help on this one.

Yes, it works fine as long as the scene does not involve a hue color or color temp bulb. I will try later tonight with just a hue dimmable bulb and see what happens.
I can also try with a color bulb connected directly to HE now. (didn't have one before but now have a sengled color bulb)


Okay...a couple more things to report from my tests from today:

  1. This does happen for native RGBW bulbs when in CT mode.
  2. This does not happen for ANY light that is in RGB mode.

So, it appears the problem is isolated to CT. In fact, when I click "Activate Scene" the scene never reports as "On". Even if I capture it, as soon as I turn on and off the device, it will never read as on again, even if I didn't change a single setting for the device.

For either Hue Bridge or native color bulb in RGB mode, the scene reports on whenever the devices match the pattern within the scene, just like they are supposed to. Works 100%. But in CT mode, it NEVER reports as on.

Oh, I also checked it with a simple dimmer bulb connected to my Hue Bridge and that worked perfectly in a scene too. Whenever the device settings matched the scene the scene reported as on.

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Ok, perfect, that should be fixable...


:+1: THANK YOU! You're the best Mike.

any update on this @mike.maxwell? Have you found the problem?

Been a couple more days. Tapping you again for an update please @mike.maxwell. Thanks.