Lighting Deal

This is likely a discontinued item but for a Zigbee bulb, $7 is pretty inexpensive. I spent more than double for the non-smart downlights in my kitchen.

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I just bought a 6 pack for $40 on Amazon. They are Wink compatible Zigbee lights and supposed to be "Color Tunable (2700K to 5000K)". I will see how they work when they come in. For that price its hard to pass up.

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And with one day shipping, you get to install them tomorrow! :wink:

Ha! I have so many "honey do's" this weekend I doubt that I'll get to play....

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Not for nothing guys, but I think there's a thread regarding these not working with Hubitat...

Don't want to spoil anyone's excitement to buy new devices, but these have not been tested and the last person who tried to connect them, couldn't make them work with Hubitat. Just giving you the heads up, it may be rough trying to get these to work.

You could always check the long list of compatible devices here:

@mike.maxwell @bobbyD Thanks for the heads up. Zigbee lights often being the problem child, I did have some back of the brain misgivings. I think I will try them and since there is an "Easy returns" on them, I can always send them back. I will report my findings though.

Ughhh... I assumed that if Wink could talk to them, I could get them to work on HE... Obviously a bad assumption. I have attempted to cancel the order....

I did have them working with Smartthings before but they were very unreliable. Not worth it in my opinion... Unless you are using them as dumb bulbs.. remember GE link bulbs?

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I generally DO check the list.... was in a hurry this time and it may "bite me in the butt". Thanks for the heads up. Just curious, is there a discussion in the community on the attempt to make these work?

Was able to cancel them.... just in the nick of time. Thanks again for "saving" me....

If someone does buy any of these do report back - and inparticular can you tell me the supply voltage rating ?

I am not aware that there is a topic in the community for these, we've had a couple of tickets on them.

Thanks again.... too bad these won't work, great price.... I guess you get what you pay for.

In spite of the warnings, I did order them since there are easy to ship back. I will absolutely report back.


The box of downlights arrived. The first bulb was immediately discovered and set itself up as a Generic Zigbee CT bulb. The bulb turns on and off as well as dims. Color temperature works too.
The only question for me at this point will be if it spoils my Zigbee mesh. Looking at the http://hub_ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo page doesn't show the bulb at all. I won't add any more bulbs until I have this sit for a few days.
@kevin there is nothing on the box with supply voltage.

Thanks for looking - amazed they can sell these without that information ! Glad they worked for you - it doesn't say it on the bulb by any chance does it ?

In the US I don't know that standard base lights are connected to anything other that 110-120 volt circuits. With incandescent bulbs, I know there were "farm" bulbs that were rated at 130 volts but??? What is your requirement?
I do hope these work out. They are outdoor rated and shower rated.

My requirement is with a 230V/240V interest ... In the questions on Amazon someone said they worked fine but I wanted a spec confirmation.

At least LFX bulbs use a universal power supply so 100-240. Most consumer devices these days have universal power supplies. Just a guess these bulbs aren't any different.
The only website information for these bulbs is Homedepot. There is a Commercial Electric phone number. 877-527-0313 9 -6 on Saturday.