Lighting Deal

I decided to add a second bulb and do some additional testing. The bulb appears to dim below 10%. I used a simple LUX app on my phone and could see changes down to 5%. I can set dim to 1% but I'm not sure it actually dims below 5%. So far the two bulbs are working far better than I would have expected.

Do you know if they Are Zigbee repeaters?

From the http://hub_ip/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo page, I don't see these at all. I don't know if that means they aren't repeaters or not. Perhaps @mike.maxwell could comment. At this point, I wouldn't want to say "these are great" but unless they do disturb my small Zigbee mesh (20 or so devices), I will hang on to them.

I thought I would update this post.
I finally paired all the downlights. They have not been an issue so far. None of them have dropped off the network or caused me any mesh difficulty. They respond well with dimming and color temperature changes.
In the getChildAndRouteInfo page, these devices show up as Ember_End_Devices which means they aren't repeaters. That they are not repeaters really allays some early fears I had after ordering these.


I think these are Home Depot brand. I bought 6 as one of the first devices I bought when I got Smartthings a few years ago. As far as I can tell they are not repeaters. I have mine on a switch so they loose powerr a lot and my Zigbee mesh is rock solid. Also I have a Conbee II running to map the network (the Conbee is a nice option as you can update the firmware on Ikea devices while still on the Hubitat network with some caveats). They show up as end devices. There is a Zigbee 3.0 replacement from the HomeDepot that went through Zigbee cert a few months ago so I would guess these are being clearanced.

These are indeed HD / Wink branded devices. The EMBER_END_DEVICE confirms these are not repeaters. With the warnings from @mike.maxwell and @bobbyD I was prepared to return them but at this point, especially with your confirmation, I think they are a solid performer.
It was my better half that started finding places to install these devices and she has not been supportive of any the HA stuff.

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@oscopeaaron Can you tell me more about your Conbee II? I would be interested in what you use to get your map and what information it provides.

Please report back any issue in about 2 weeks. Maybe HE is something else but they were dropping offline with me when I was with ST.

@Navat604 I will keep this updated. I haven't installed these yet since I need to run new wiring and get some switches, but they are all connected and I randomly turn them all on and off throughout the day. So far they are all solid.

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@Navat604 and all. After using these for the last two weeks, I have not seen a single issue.
I don't have a huge ZigBee mesh, 22 or so devices not including Hue lights on a separate Hue hub. At this point, the lights are scattered throughout the house and are used randomly throughout the day.

@mike.maxwell if it is of value, I have the cluster data from pairing

ID: FB21
Manufacturer: ETI
Product Name:
Model Number: Zigbee CCT Downlight
deviceTypeId: 12
manufacturer : ETI
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,0300
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application :
outClusters : 0019
initialized : true
model : Zigbee CCT Downlight
stage : 4

What driver are you using for this?, I'll add the fingerprint...

I am using the Generic Zigbee CT bulb driver. When the bulbs paired, they automatically selected that driver.

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Very nice. One more reason to Like HE even more than the other guy :crazy_face:

Are you still satisfied with the bulbs? I have 11 of them I'm using with Wink. They have been problematic on Wink. I often have to power cycle them to get them to reconnect with Wink,

I'm in process of moving to Hubitat but have not migrated the down lights yet,

@sgoings I have been very satisfied with the bulbs. I haven't had any issues at all. I have one outdoors and even in the cold, it fires up immediately. Unlike many bulbs, these bulbs do not repeat. Good in that many bulbs that try to repeat, do a bad job of it. The other side of that is, you will likely need other line powered Zigbee devices to repeat signal between device and hub.

Thank you, I'm glad to hear you have had success with Hubitat.

I have had to keep the Wink hub in the same room as the bulbs in order to get them to connect. In the new configuration, I'm planning on keeping the hub in a different room. So, in order for these to work I'm going to have to do something to pass the mesh to the other room.

I would consult the Compatible Devices list for tested Zigbee devices.

Thanks, I will either get a repeater or a line powered Zigbee device with a repeater to put between the Hub and the room the lamps are in.

Everything I have bought to date has been Z-Wave with the exception of the down light bulbs,

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I transfered 11 of these yesterday. I added a TRÅDFRI Signal repeater in the room and TRÅDFRI Wireless control outlet between the room where the hub is and the room where I have the lights.

Removing the lights from Wink and then adding them to Hubitat was not an issue. So far, so good.


Geat news. Thanks for the update.