Light not turning completely off


Thanks for the clarification and to come here and be part of the community.


First. @agnes.zooz I wanna say I’ve had nothing but AWESOME support from Zooz. I have a couple of the Zen 26 switches. I was setting one of them up in a 4-way switching configuration, and the wiring just didn’t compute with me. They worked with me and sent me customized wire instructions for my specific wiring setup. That’s just unheard of. I’m officially a zooz fan now.

Secondly. I’ve noticed my Zen 26 switches don’t report on/off status unless I go and manually refresh the device. Is that because I’m having to use the “generic” Z-wave driver instead of the zooz driver it is this also a firmware issue? If a firmware issue, is the new firmware mentioned above ready?


Thanks for the kind words @nunkistein0!

The switches definitely send on/off reports back to the hub so I'm not sure why you're not seeing them on Hubitat. We're waiting for the switches to be officially integrated until we test all functionality with the platform and that will happen once the new firmware is approved. The ZEN27 is already being tested at Hubitat and ZEN26 will follow shortly so we hope to see both switches added to the list of supported devices in the near future which should solve any report display problems. I wish I had specific dates for you so once we get a confirmation I'll be sure to post here as well!


Try setting the type to Generic z-wave smart switch


That’s what I’ve been using ang neither would update status. I just changed it over to “Generic Z-Wave Switch” and it’s reporting properly that way.


So the real question: @mike.maxwell will you all support the Zooz switch and dimmer now?


I love the Zooz Switches. So official support would be awesome


We're evaluating the updated samples currently, I don't think the drivers will make release 2.0.7, but should be in 2.0.8


Will we be required to update the firmware on the switches to use the supported driver?


no, but I would strongly recommend it...



What options do we have to update the firmware if we don’t have the required usb stick??


You can get in touch with our support and let them know you don't have a Z-Wave USB stick and they'll offer a few options to accommodate your, we'd typically send a loaner stick with a return label so you can update your devices.


Wow, talk about customer service!


We've got to live up to our reputation :wink:


To be honest, I've never much been into Zooz devices as I'm not much of a Z-Wave fan, but I always look out and will purchase from companies that display excellent customer service. Looks like I will be hitting Amazon today!


Exactly. One of the reasons I keep an eye on Zooz and Inovelli. Also one of the reasons I jumped over to Hubitat. I've also had great customer support from Ring and Eero which is why I've bought their products.


I was an early adopter of Ring and just never saw the need to jump ship. The same first gen doorbeel I've had for 3(?) years now still works flawlessly. Live video is a bit slow, and it's not HD, but I have other cameras that show me what's going on near my front door.

As for Eero, I've always been a Unifi guy and a lot of my job deals with networking, so consumer grade networking equipment rarely gets used in my house. But, I've heard really good things about Eero, so I often recommend it to my non-techy friends.


I like their Windows desktop app. Just recently installed it again. When their is motion at the front door I get a pop up. Click on it and the video loads. Much faster than using my phone.

Eero was my first jump into the mesh space. Most of my heavy lifters in the house are hard wired but got a Gen1 setup for really cheap and it has been great. I only use it for wifi and pfSense for my router. I'm not a strong networking guy but understand the concepts and can get it working. But since installing this I've never had to worry about wifi.


And their official website is


LOL, well that shows how much I use Z-Wave devices. I've never even heard of that site before.