Light not turning completely off


I didn't realize that was their official site. I follow them on twitter. My neighbour was looking for new switches. I just sent him the link. We may have to do a combine order to Canada together... probably about 30 switches. :frowning:

Thanks for helping me spend my next paycheck.


Any time! :grin:

If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get some good deals too.


I’ve had a few of the zooz motion sensors for a year or so. Love em. Had a 4 way switch I wanted to wired up. Got the zooz Zen26 because you can use “dumb” switches with it. As I previously stated, zoom customer service has been nothing awesome. I’m a zooz fan for life. They also told me they are developing a switch that is able to call scenes (similar to ge double tap feature) and will notify me when available. When those come out I see myself replacing a lot of my GE switches with zooz.


Zooz customer support sent me the newest firmware update and just shipped out a USB stick to update.
Love these guys!


Are these officially supported now? Wanting to make sure all is clear before installing a few more.


We didn't release the driver yet, and we found another issue with the firmware, so no they arent.


Gotcha. Hadn’t seen any updates, so Just checking.