Light keeps turning itself off

I get what you're saying now. No doing that while it's paired to the hub doesn't let it stay on. And it turning off isn't instant. It's a few minutes later and the log is showing a command being sent. It stays on after being excluded only

You're saying that if you Exclude AND factory reset it, then Join it. Instantly it turns off? pretty much before you even replace the generic name? What driver does it auto pick?

Not quite sure how to factory reset it. I'm just not changing any options once it's paired. I haven't waited to rename it. It turns off a minute or a few minutes after being turned on. It selects the correct inovelli driver


Can you turn it on physically, and have it do this magical Off a minute or two later?

If so, can you pick the Device driver (the do nothing driver,) and save. It should be 'disconnected from ZWave' logic in the hub with that step. Does it still turn off?

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Yes both switches shut off no matter how they're turned on if connected to the hub.

So switch 1 is no longer connected to the hub and it hasn't turned off.

Switch 2 is connected with child devices. I switched the driver like you said and it's still shutting off. The child devices didn't disappear when changing the main driver though. I'll try excluding it. Then add again without child devices and use the device driver and see what happens

@csteele it still turns off when changing the driver to 'device' on a fresh join with no child devices

There's nothing in those logs that tell it to do anything.

command: 2003 is Basic Command Class (0x20) and Basic Report (0x03)
translation: "send me your status"

command: 2603 is MultiLevel Switch Command Class (0x26) and Multilevel Switch Report (0x03)
translation: "send me your status"

That would imply there's a defect in the device to be receiving a Status request and interpreting that as a command for off.

@ericm might have some insight.. did you contact Inovelli support?

That's what's being reported as soon as it turns off. Yeah I did this morning. Figured I wouldn't hear back until Monday though. I'm out of ideas until then. I don't see them both failing at once though.

Im having the exact same problem with few of my "Inovelli Switch NZW30 w/Scene" switches.... they worked fine until i paired them with my HE. When i turn them on either physically or via web, they will stay on for max 2 mins some turns off in 20 sec or so....

Exactly what's going on with mine. No set time for them to shut off but never more than a few minutes. These have been working fine for at leasta month though so idk what has caused it. Yours also working fine when unpaired? As in they just stay on and the switch works as a regular switch?

@tonsofguns for some reasons, i cannot exclude any of my devices from HE. very strange.... i switched to HE because i wanted to get setup 6 button cooper keypad/switch as it never worked with vera, but now im running into all sorts of issue with HE.... what a luck....should i now switch to smarthings?? :frowning:

i have rebooted my HE Hub many times and power cycled too. still no luck with excluding devices. as said earlier....they all worked fined until i included few of them today.....

I haven't had any issues excluding anything, but I've only tried a few things. I came from smart things and this is much better so far. Inovelli got back with me this morning and they have replacement switches being sent out so +1 for them. Too bad their new switch looks so different from the ones I already have or I'd be preordering some

Edit: installed 4 more today. All 4 have failed in some way

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hi @tonsofguns, i don't its the switche(s), i was able to use my vera controller to exclude all the devices and then included few back to vera, they all work fine.. so its within the HE hub.... im going to include one back to HE and see if it still turns off ...ill keep you posted.

as mentioned above, i included one of the switch, worked for few sec's and turned off again. yet the same switch works fine with vera. At this point im sure its not the Inovelli switch. its the HE hub. but whats in the HUB resulting these switches not to work properly.... i confused

I have about a dozen or more of these switches/dimmers installed and none exhibit this behaviour.

But im following this thread now...

If you're using the inovelli DH then have you try to change the Auto Off setting? I wonder what number do we need to put there to disable this option.

Mine are set to "0" and I do not have this problem

I was told by customer service that it's an issue that was caused by the previous manufacturer. I do have 9 installed working fine. But I have a total of 5 now (3 turning themselves off) with an issue.

It's disabled

mines disabled as well....i have total 15 switches, 5 works fine and others have issues(turning themselves off) yet they all work fine with vera... i have matched all the settings with the working ones....they are exactly the same.

How about try super basic Z-wave parameter and see what kind of setting is in there? Possible the preference setting with the driver is not sticking.

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