Light effect for zigbee light sources please?


Does anyone know Light effect for zigbee light sources please? Like colour loops ?

Hi, are you looking for this app from @bptworld?

I understand that its features have been merged in another called Event Engine.

it doesnt work for me . too complicated

What are you trying to do specifically? It might be something that could be setup in Rule Machine, though it will require a bit of work to setup.

im trying to make colour loop for zigbee strips

This is a RM rule I use to loop random colors on my outside garden Lights.


Do you mean things like the "color loop" effect on Hue bulbs? If so, that is a feature of the firmware. Other bulbs (or controllers) may have their own, but this will depend on the firmware. If not: you may need to simulate your desired outcome using a rule or custom app, as suggested above.


thank you

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Here's a Rule I use to change an RGBW strip to a random color. "Interval" and "Level" are both local "Number" variables; "strips trigger" is a virtual switch.

Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 13-47-47 ■ Arcade ceiling RGBW strip trigger CHANGED (Repeating)

What do you mean?

  • Pick an effect, pick the effect (fast color change, slow color change, loop, etc).
  • Select a RGB light.
  • Choose what colors and how bright.
  • Done.

Ok but where is that in event engine?

I thought you were using Lighting Effects app?

Id like to but i cant find it

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What do you mean? Sebastien linked it above. If you click on that link he provided, it says this:

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using the Hubitat Package Manager.
(HPM is highly recommended)

It is in Bryan's Github from the Lighting Effects page, I just followed the link on the Lighting Effects thread. Didn't check HPM, but it should be in there too. That is how I originally installed it anyway.

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thats the event engine.
ok i go to sleep

Here is the link to the actual app (parent and child both required) in his GitHub repository.


No. The first link, the one labeled "Lighting Effects". Did you follow that one?

Thanks for linking that. I should have done so, but I figured that Sebastien's link would have been sufficient. Guess not.


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